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one fine inspiration.

i triple heart collage. especially when it's made with love and by a fellow indonesian crafter!masterpiece aside, ika vantiani's blog is so worth following due to her beautiful vintage finds. thanks for the art swap, love them!


am not a serious photographer, i seriously want this camera bag by ketti handbags found via bleubird. and eventhough i don't carry around camera lens and camera flash - err, because i don't have any - i can always put yuara's sippy cup and buzz lightyear doll in the side pockets. right? right!

independence day.

we're lucky to live in such a friendly neighbourhood. we were invited to a small celebration of various games and feasts last august 17th. and it lasted for two days, woo-hoo! i never really enjoyed the independence games up until then, even yuara seemed to agree - he won third place out of three contestants :D
the last picture was taken by our neighbour, muhammad fadhli. anyway to break the fast, i made two of my signature dishes: bread butter pudding and sauteed shrimp with butter sauce (minus the pasta, that was our late dinner). at first, i wasn't very optimistic to cook during fasting time, but i think they turned out quite okay. since the recipes were quite simple, i won't bore you with the details.
so what are you craving for today? me, i simply want my mother's cooking. any kind will do. selamat berbuka puasa!

DIY fabric clock.

i think tarlen handayani of design by vitarlenology has the most brilliant idea! she's doing a ramadhan tutorial project by sharing one DIY tutorial each day during this ramadhan month. so to support her, i decided to post one too (i hope you know, you're such an inspiration tarlen!). now this DIY tutorial is not entirely new. it had been published in SPICE! a while back, but just incase you missed it..

you will need:
- batik fabric, 45 cm x 45 cm
- four sibebo crocheted doilies
- a painter's canvas, 30 cm x 30 cm
- clock mechanics
- staple gun and scissor
- needle and threads

DIY steps:
1. on your piece of fabric, draw a line measuring 7,5 cm from each edge. as a result, you will get a square line measuring 30 cm x 30 xm drawn on the fabric.
2. mark the middle of each square line and handstitch each doily onto place.
3. draw two diagonal lines meeting in the middle so you know where to put the clock mechanics.
4. lay your fabric on top of the canvas. fold the edge of your fabric ove…

so this is it.

after working as journalist then editor in CosmoGIRL! from early 2004 to late 2007, then offered to be monthly contributor up until today, i guess it's finally time to say goodbye. for me, quitting this job feels more like parting with a friend. a good old friend. these are my old team mates, oh how i miss them dearly. it's been 6 amazing years, i hope we can work together again. sorry for the mushy mushy posts these last couple days, will be back with more DIY tutorials tomorrow. after all, i have so much free time to spend right now :)

nothing beats the love of family.

and i re-realize this lately. people can talk and hate, but they don't matter as long as you know that your family - the ones that truly are - is always two steps behind. and everything else would be bearable. and i mean every single thing. give yours a big hug!

yippie ki-yay.

another magazine reviews from Mother & Baby July 2010 (thanks for scanning, melina!), GirlFriend August 2010, and coverage tv from Trans 7 last friday (thanks for the pics, rizky!). my next one will be from Trans TV, tomorrow at noon-ish -- new update: the show will be on jelang siang tomorrow, thursday 19 aug at 12.30
thank you so so much for all the love and support :)

i have a new pet.

who lives in our backyard. he's a shy little elf, brought by cecillia hidayat. am a girly girl who loves fairyland deep down inside, so when she came up with the design i almost screamed saying yes (of course i waited for the husband's approval first). and now that he's here, i hope he gets along with yuara well :P
at the end, cecillia and betty left us not only with the cute elf but also with the mini pillow. we heart them big time. thanks a lot girls, you're welcome at my house anytime. *hugs*

the famous wooden spool rack.

i've been saving this picture of danielle thompson's sewing corner for quite some time now. especially that pale yellow wooden spool rack.
so (naturally) i was ecstatic when lia gave me this! a wooden spool rack of my own. well, this could only mean one thing to me: no, not more sewing - but more thread shopping!

my ready stock.

until my next bazaar in september, i decided to sell what i have left from the previous ones.
the mother and baby yellow pouns are on sale, get both for less. unfortunately, the one seater kids sofa is already sold the day it was finished and brought to my home. for early notification and pre-sale, follow @dreamesh on twitter. and if any of the rest should interest you, e-mail me here for price and order. happy shopping, everyone!

aussi bazaar.

yep, dreamesh living was there last friday at gran melia. so you see how hectic last week was to me (not to mention unfinished deadlines!). anyway, i've been told that it was crowded and my business cards were all out before the day ended - but unfortunately not the collection, though. will post about my ready stock tomorrow, just incase you're interested. but meanwhile, enjoy these photos first :)
this time, i shared a booth with bugsy delight and cocopop crafts. i've been a fan of their products for so long, so when they asked me to join in, i couldn't believe my luck! go see them for yourself.

yuara's circumcision.

the champ suffered from repeated infections so he had his circumcision a couple days ago. it was a minor operation, but we still took it hard as parents. i shed tears walking him to the OR and couldn't stop fidgeting until the nurse finally called us. it seemed forever waiting for yuara to wake up and when he did, you have no idea how relieved i was. tsk, parenthood.
i thought yuara would be all fussy afterwards, but he really took it like a true champion. no complaints whatsoever. he even wears sarong (and my new fave: sailor shirt from bugsy delight) voluntarily! oh dear, my baby is a big boy now. so i do what i should to my two big boys this weekend: spoil them to pieces - which involves letting the kid sleep back in our room and the husband go see ian brown's concert. hope yours is as fun ;)

three days ago.

the husband had his 30th birthday. the three of us were planning to go out and celebrate but had to cancel last minute due to yuara's condition (fill you in on that later, promise). this week really wasn't the best week to have a decade birthday. everything seemed to happen all at once. but i promise as soon as it is over, we will go on a proper birthday dinner! meanwhile, my little pray will have to suffice. happy birthday, irwan. you don't only grow older, you grow better.

thanks to nova.

nova featured my DIY tutorial last week and my interview this week.
i just wish i had more time to put on lip balm and much nicer outfit before the photo shoot started. anyway, my guitar strap was also featured on prudent baby plus am having another bazaar at grand melia today. yeayness!

mother and baby bazaar.

so as you might know already, my camera is 'sick'. hence, the lack of posts. but lia is really nice to lend me some of her pics - well okay, i actually stole them away from her lovely web. thanks a lot lia, for the pics and the display racks. we definitely should do this again soon! see the rest of the pics here, here, and here.

see my kids sofa there? it's its debut performance and before day 1 ended, the sofa was already sold out. but no worries, as always i take orders - especially from you readers :)