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Sunday, August 22, 2010

DIY fabric clock.

i think tarlen handayani of design by vitarlenology has the most brilliant idea! she's doing a ramadhan tutorial project by sharing one DIY tutorial each day during this ramadhan month. so to support her, i decided to post one too (i hope you know, you're such an inspiration tarlen!). now this DIY tutorial is not entirely new. it had been published in SPICE! a while back, but just incase you missed it..

you will need:
- batik fabric, 45 cm x 45 cm
- four sibebo crocheted doilies
- a painter's canvas, 30 cm x 30 cm
- clock mechanics
- staple gun and scissor
- needle and threads

DIY steps:
1. on your piece of fabric, draw a line measuring 7,5 cm from each edge. as a result, you will get a square line measuring 30 cm x 30 xm drawn on the fabric.
2. mark the middle of each square line and handstitch each doily onto place.
3. draw two diagonal lines meeting in the middle so you know where to put the clock mechanics.
4. lay your fabric on top of the canvas. fold the edge of your fabric over the back of the frame and secure with staple gun.
5. make a hole in the center area. then, push clock mechanics through hole. and you're done!


  1. wahhh terima kasih ya untuk dukungannya..senang bisa sama-sama berbagi... kombinasi warnanya seger banget.. aku suka ijonya dan motif batiknya.. kerennnnn, terima kasih untuk tutorialnya >hugs<

  2. where can you buy the clock mechanics?

  3. @alaya: i think some craft store sell them, but i just bought some cheap wall clock and took the clock mechanics away :P



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