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andhara early + bugi ramadhana's wedding.

i know it's been too long since i last posted anything, but this time i have a reaaally good excuse (will write about it in another post *wink*). so last sunday was my high school best friend's wedding - you know, the one that i was responsible for? and am proud to say that all went very well. my two best friends bianca and ninnin helped me with all the decor and i don't think i can ever thank them enough. at the end i was a bit broken hearted because i lost some of my decor props. i guess someone took them home? i just hope they will be very well taken care of *sniff*. but overall, i was pretty pleased with how it all turned out. our hard work had paid off! now, i can't wait for another wedding project :)

hope you had a wonderful eid.

as we did! we were busy meeting up all of our families and extended relatives. it was surely priceless, can't wait for another round next year. so let's start new from now on. because i believe every single one of us needs our own clean start.