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DIY thursday.

i made this fabric envelope for my latest DIY article in SPICE!. i used white regular envelope as a template, and sew the two fabrics altogether with my sewing machine. i must say am liking the result. can't believe tomorrow is friday, yeay!

my current reads.

apart from smurf, i do read other *cough* grown-up books. recently, i bought these two.
petit a petit, a japanese sewing book. i heart paris, i love patchwork, and this book combines these two!

the selby (is in your place). i've been a huge fan of the selby for so long, i couldn't get my hands off the book. now, if only i had time to read :P

am a good wife.

maybe not terrific. but you know, good enough :P and i have a proof to show you: the built-in cd rack. custom made for the husband (and his passion for music) only.
it is located in between the dining room and the TV room with enough space for yuara to go through or make his drawings on the blackboard wall (we love to collaborate - he does the stems and i do the petals). see? i know how to make both my boys happy.

non-stop bloghopping.

i have been using my spare time quiet wisely lately. i just hope i don't bore you with the random stuff (still living related, though) i found and reposted. anyway here's another one i stumbled upon decor8, a danish design sofa called poeten by finn juhl available at hansen & sorensen. you know how i am with danish design and sofa. and now all i can think of is stealing another sofa from our parents' house so i can do a reupholstery project soon! what say you?

yuara doesn't know this yet.

but am planning to build a tent in the backyard for him, preferably handmade. am still searching for the perfect one - i actually like teepee more but am open for options, though. yuara has come to love playing fort in bed with me. but these days, my legs are getting sore for sticking up high inside the bed cover so he can stand tall. oh yes, please do imagine.this white wedding tent (under the name canvas bell tent) that belongs to artemis and noa is beyond perfect, as it'll fit both me and the husband plus our little champ. and i think there's still space for yuara to run around. sigh, is it possible to make one?


if you're a fan of toile pattern like i am, you'll love this post! it's the 250th birthday of popular French design motif toile de jouy and instead of giving a present, you'll get one or two. download wendren milford's designs for free on visi. use darling toile (in navy) and lovely south africa toile (in shocking pink) as gift wrap or wallpaper. available here via poppytalk.

what we did last eid.

sorry for the very very late post. as eid approaching, the kid and i had a serious stomach flu. no fun at all. but i can gladly say that we're okay now.
so this is what we did last eid (family portrait taken by cousin pahala mansury). apart from apologizing, forgiving, and eating ketupat in between. how did yours go?

we want only the best.

for our son - just like most parents do. we want him to play a whole lot while at home. hence, the additional slide in front yard.
and since the grass in our backyard withered, we decided to grow cement instead :P whaddya know, yuara loves the new space! just look at him dragging his soccer ball. plus i can finally make use of my waterproof picnic blanket. a win win solution indeed. we hope you like your play area, kiddo!

eid holiday sale.

just a couple more days to eid! ah, me so happy - eid always has a way to warm my heart. so to celebrate the day, am having a sale for my ready stock. 10 - 20% discount off the original price! if interested, send e-mail to or leave me yours here so i can get back to you. happy shopping, everyone!

custom sofas.

since kids sofa was released last month, i received a couple of orders already. thank YOU. our bingo grandprize last august 17th. orders from ary mia and dira. three orders from melina of kids republik (another one is still in the making, sorry). if interested, send e-mail to or leave me yours here so i can get back to you pronto :)

just another fabric post.

so recently, my beautiful sister in law is back from the states for a couple of weeks before taking her master degree in birmingham, england. she was working for years in houston and was so close to having her own green card, but am just glad that she's home (for now). anyway before leaving the states for good, i asked her to do one very last fabric online shopping for me :P

i also went to some fabric market last week and bought these.

aren't they the prettiest? anyway, am having an eid holiday sale for my ready stock (including the new ones) next week. so be sure to grab one, or maybe more. have a happy weekend!