we want only the best.

for our son - just like most parents do. we want him to play a whole lot while at home. hence, the additional slide in front yard.
and since the grass in our backyard withered, we decided to grow cement instead :P whaddya know, yuara loves the new space! just look at him dragging his soccer ball. plus i can finally make use of my waterproof picnic blanket. a win win solution indeed. we hope you like your play area, kiddo!


  1. awwwwww udah dipercantikkkk :D
    mbak Ameshhhh aku mau dong foto yang kedua buat portfolio boleh gak? yang ukurannya agak gede hehe :D kalo boleh mau ya mbak di email ke cecillia.hidayat@yahoo.com

    tararengkyu! Kisses for Yuara si juara! :D

  2. lucu bangettt tamannya. Pengen... :9
    Yuara is a one lucky boy!

  3. Ah.. what a lovely childhood to remember he will have..

    The Picnic Girl

  4. main pengen merit :'(
    IRIIII sama kalian, wahai ibu2...

  5. So envious of your garden. It looks great!


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