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yes, i am both.

a dreamer and a believer. especially for pom necklaces by dreamers & believers found via tara amelz. uhm, you do know how i feel towards pom poms, aight?
dreamers & believers is dinta jakile and stacia hadiutomo. i knew dinta since she was an intern at CosmoGIRL! and i think stacia was one too at TRAX (music magazine next door at the time). they had great taste since then. and now, i want one of their sweetly done creations.

how can i just sit around.

looking at these images found via skinny laminx?
oh, they sooo make me want to find old suitcases, tin buckets, or tennis rackets, and turn them into these useful beauties.

what i got from inacraft 2010.

not the usual batik fabrics. i got myself a silver tin tissue holder to match the tin storage from sheila for my birthday two years ago. now why didn't i buy two? sigh. and these gorgeous building made of wooden blocks for yuara to play. what did you get from inacraft (indonesian handicraft fair) this year? lemme see!

am a spoiler.

especially to the one that matters to me. like my half-stolen camera. see, i forced my little brother to sell his canon G9 camera to me some time ago (in special price of course, after all am the bigger sister tee hee), and am so glad they waved each other good byes. for that camera never leaves my bag now. i simply can't bring myself to leave home without it. to keep him happy by my side, i ordered a new camera strap from sawo kecik. i don't want him to look girly and me boyish, so i told sawo kecik to use my toile fabric find. i think he looks handsome in it, my lovely companion.

my reason.

sorry for the lack of posts. am using this weekend to work on some orders: 1,500 frames for wedding souvenirs due next december and 35 frames for birthday goody bags due today.
yes, i'd been cutting and gluing like crazy until my thumb hurts and my pinky is injured by glue gun. nothing serious though, but it sure did hurt. a lot. and now my pinky is swollen. ah, the price you just had to pay after having so much fun taking orders. am such a grateful grateful little girl :)

the remains.

of our former living room stay here. in the library area (behind the TV room's sofa - the inspiration came from ikea's double living room arrangement in their catalogue some time ago).
i think they belong in the right place now. oh it was always my dream to have a place to read in peace (bookshelf from toimoi)! so now downstairs, there is the dining room, TV room, library room - but no living room. but i think they suit us just fine :)


i do make customized items.
for dear customer gaby.
for fellow crafter puri (owl cross-stitch by anas of miss modern).
and for alun-alun indonesia's new collection (cute buttons by lia of lia's space, pretty yoyos by sheila of the jot pot).

april (fool) bear.

another super late calendar bear. for i've been such a fool this april, running back and forth doing extra works (not that am complaining though) and forgetting about things (not big ones i hope). hence the night before christmas bear. well, i guess everything comes with a price, huh? not that i want anything that leads to this semi-horror movie. anyway overall, life's been good - a little foolish but good :)

yellow mellow

i adore my porch in the afternoon. the sunlight is always yellow or orange, and even pink sometimes. oh sweetness.
add a jar of homemade fresh strawberry and cinammon jam from oma anna and the end of my weekend would be just perfect. have a great monday, everyone... after all, monday = money day!

for parents with children.

i love construction kit. i love the idea it's half-handmade - well of course, once we finished building one. so i guess it's only natural that am recently drooling over these two.
joyride by per brolund found via handmade charlotte. DIY kitchen set by pino-dita. uhm, the last one isn't actually a real construction kit. but i can totally see it as one. don't you?

yeah, he talks.

on the phone! i know it's totally my fault that i comunicate mostly by phone - i blame my being of a freelancer slash a stay-home mom. maybe it's just me, but i think he's terribly cute whenever he picks up the phone (well some other time it's remote control or even his own shoes), says hello, and talks as if there's someone else at another end of the line. just look at him, he's a BIG BOY now.


i love anything handmade. especially the one that can hold all my knick knacks (i am after all a girl). so when one of my girlfriends made this, i squealed with joy.
yes, i want this mirrored beauty case by berries to do the honor of keeping my (ehm, very limited) make up products in place. and now, i should be tidier - in theory at least.

no news is good news.

it's not that i enjoyed last weekend so much that i forgot to post. not at all. it's one of those times am haunted by (multiple) deadlines. this is what i get for taking several jobs at a time (please notice my grateful tone :P). anyway, i checked my alun-alun stock last sunday and guess what, only six pillows are left in the store. thank YOU.
apart from that, am recently being featured in pernak-pernik that blogs about beautiful handmade things from indonesia. oh, am such a proud mamo - that's what yuara calls me.

and of course this video too. not long ago, i sold and rented my products for some bank ads shooting. and now, they're on our local channels. yeay! well, you can't really see them clearly but the fact that they're there simply amuses me. merci nurvit, merci mas ari - you really made my weekend :)

what inspired my childhood.

the story books by marcel malier. apparently the girl's name is martine (or debbie?), but we indonesians know her as tini. this particular book got me started cooking. like, literally. i remember i was six or seven and i still needed a stool to reach for our stove. my first recipe was pancake. and i made too much that my mom used the leftover dough to fry some bananas. ah, good old days. i thank eugeniagina's post that brings back the memory and certainly my mom for letting me explore in the kitchen.

for his (little) eyes only.

i always have a picture in my head before i decorate a room. and the result of yuara's is almost exactly the same as the one i have in mind - minus the kids walk-in closet with shelving system on one side of the walls.
but i managed to get the bright kids drawer (mine is from index), a vintage bottle jar full of colorful building blocks, a fantastic 4 poster i had since my days in bandung and a french ikea mini paper chest - my mom bought it for my little brother when i was still 13!
and also the low level study desk borrowed from my little brother. my brother and i had two pairs of these from our home in bandung (we both went to the same university, UNPAR). the korean circus wall stickers above it were yuara's last year's birthday present from femmy of kinanti. he loooves to point at them and giggle as i say their names.the bean bag. at first, am not so sure of this gigantic bean bag for his size that the husband adores. but it turns out to be yuara's favorite. so we …

this is how i plan to spend my weekend.

by being at home. with my loved ones. we can watch DVD marathon or simply snuggle in bed. maybe build a paper town?
letterpress paper house DIY kit by etsy seller 1canoe2 found via decor8. sigh, yes i know it's still thursday.

what's left.

of the latest bazaar. yep, these frames are still up for sale. i love how they looked under the 5 pm yellow sky. that's our frontyard tree by the way.

come see me.

at cilandak town square this weekend. enjoy my new business cards and stickers from quick print point owned by my close friends, fino and dita. and of course, new pouns and tigaris too.
hope to see you. xoxo.

easter dessert.

i made this recipe a while back when i still wrote a monthly party article in CosmoGIRL! (photographed by laily rachev).
i promise you, it's really really easy. you'll only need an eggshell, plain yoghurt, and one melon ball. and there it is, a perfect dessert on easter day. have a happy one!