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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

no news is good news.

it's not that i enjoyed last weekend so much that i forgot to post. not at all. it's one of those times am haunted by (multiple) deadlines. this is what i get for taking several jobs at a time (please notice my grateful tone :P). anyway, i checked my alun-alun stock last sunday and guess what, only six pillows are left in the store. thank YOU.
apart from that, am recently being featured in pernak-pernik that blogs about beautiful handmade things from indonesia. oh, am such a proud mamo - that's what yuara calls me.

and of course this video too. not long ago, i sold and rented my products for some bank ads shooting. and now, they're on our local channels. yeay! well, you can't really see them clearly but the fact that they're there simply amuses me. merci nurvit, merci mas ari - you really made my weekend :)


  1. yang manaaaa???? kursi yah kursi yah??? congratsssssss my very creative blogger :D

  2. congrats ya. I always follow your story. suka bgt sm batik2nya. semuanya print sendiri?

  3. Congrats, I'm one of your Dreamesh fan & have been your follower. I love batik & love what you've created from them. Salam kenal :)

  4. kereeeeen, kereeeeen! yang gini nih bikin berbunga2 :D



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