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Thursday, March 31, 2016

TeePee Party

It was a fine day for a TeePee party on Ava Adore’s big day! To be honest this past year, I have used a lot of teepees for party decoration. That’s why I decided to go ‘out of the box’ for this unique themed party. Yep, I went with cardboard teepees for a change! I surfed the internet trying to figure out the way to go with cardboards and even though I found many images of cardboard teepees but they were profesionally made. So I tried conversing the ideal image in my head and tadaaa!

What you need: Large used cardboard boxes, glue gun, scissors, lace fabric.

How to make:

1.    Cut out four long trapezoid-shaped pieces of cardboard. Mine measured 150 cm high.
2.    Place the cardboard side by side on the floor and glue them together from top to bottom.
3.    For the last piece (and also functioning as the teepee entrance), cut one short trapezoid-shaped cardboard, and glue it in the front.
4.    Cover the top and sides of the teepee using lace fabric (or any fabric you want, really) to create the tent feel.
5.    Be free to decorate your teepee with ornaments outside and pillows and cushions inside for a comfortable hideout.

FINAL TIP: Use a quilt blanket tied up to the high ceiling to create that tent feel at the dessert table!


Sunday, March 20, 2016

Laiqa Party

I was honored to decorate for Laiqa Magazines’s third anniversary. It was a Kinfolk themed party and I was so excited to add details to this unique theme. I did the table settings and designed the clothes display, which turned out quite pretty I must say.

A lot of ivy leaves were present as I used them for the clothes decorations and details behind the chairs. And I chose sack clothes because they made a huge statement on the tables. It gave that rustic feeling throughout the whole ambiance.

My most fave project was the bar as they were very much empty before I filled the island with flowers in white, green, and yellow pallate. I thought they matched the whole theme and room perfectly.
Little did I know that this was also their farewell since Laiqa Magazine is changing its name to Hijup Magazine online. So again, I was so glad to be a part of this piece of Indonesian media history.


DIY Paper Flower Cake Topper

I was asked to host a workshop by @nenenbabyshop and I decided to make Flower Paper Cake Topper. The class held at @perpus SKTR9 was nice, small, and very intimate. Each and every one of the participants has their own unique style so the results were one of a kind. See for yourself…

Here’s the DIY for our pretty paper flower cake topper:

What you need: thin card paper in colors of your choice. We went all pastel!
Two straws, scissors, hot glue.

How to make:
Big Flower:
Use the tutorials for these paper flowers I did a while back. Of course, adjust the size first and make it smaller.

Small Rolled Paper Roses:
1.    Cut out circles of paper. The bigger the circle, the bigger the rose. We cut out 10 cm diameter paper circles.
2.    Beginning from the outer part, start cutting inwards into a spiral until you reach the center of the paper. You can draw the spiral first if you want.
3.    Again starting from the outer spiral, roll up the paper as neat and tight as possible until you reach the center.
4.    Simply fold in the center part and uncoil your rose to the size you want.
5.    Glue the center part to secure and hold for a minute to let it set. Repeat until you have all the roses you need.

Cut out leaves in the green paper color and don’t forget to give them a little fold in the middle to give it a texture.

Now, all you need to do is attach the flowers and leaves on to the straw together with the paper ribbon and you can stick it on your cake!



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