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Friday, May 29, 2015

Passport Pouch Workshop

Hey, guys! dreamesh DIY Club is back with our passport pouch workshop for mom and kid at the event Jakarta Vintage Market! Come join us this Saturday afternoon,  May 30th 2015, at Taman Menteng, Jakarta!

We'll be making matching passport pouches complete with the passports and stamps. It's gonna be a really fun mom and kid kind of day! Don't worry if you haven't got the time to register, because you are welcome to come on the spot. Till we meet Saturday!


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Creative Ideas with 3M

I teamed up with Mommies Daily and 3M to create fun things to do on your weekend. Check out the video for my pop-up card and initial block tutorials. Happy crafting!

Do you like the video? I enjoyed making it so much! Here are some Behind The Scene pictures of the settings and process.

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Last March, we went on a family vacation – the four of us with my mother, in-laws and sister in law. It was such a pleasant and memorable trip, we had a blast! I would love to share the 10 days we spent in Japan through two separate posts. Today is the post of our adventures in Tokyo while the second post is all about Osaka. Enjoy the pictures!

As soon as we arrived in Haneda International Airport Tokyo, we didn’t want to lose time and went straight to Akibahara for lunch (Tenya rules!) and Ueno Park where the Sakura trees are. I mean, you can’t go to Japan in spring and not take pictures with the Sakura trees, can you? Then, we went straight ahead to Kan’eiji temple and see Tokyo sunset from the height of Japan’s tallest building, the Tokyo Sky Tree. It was so beautiful!

Tokyo Sunset
Our next destination for the next two days was Tokyo Disney Resort! We visited Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea and felt like living in a fairytale. We got to stay at Disney Ambassador as well, i strongly recommend to stay nearby as our feet had hit their limits, haha!. It was magical, the kids (and the kid inside of me) loved it much!

On day 4, we had the chance to enjoy the breathtaking view of Mount Fuji from Kawaguchi Lake. We also rode Hakone Ropeway, it felt like sitting on top of the mountain! And before the day ends, we stopped by Gotemba premium outlets to shop branded items for half price!

Next on the list? Nippori Textile town where this mama was in heaven! You can’t imagine how many pieces of fabric I brought home. Then, we went to Shibuya to pose with the statue of Hachiko, and of course, visited the famous Tokyu Hands. If you are a hardore craft fan (like i am!), then this is the ultimate heaven. Imagine seven storey building filled with craft supplies. I know!
On our last day in Tokyo, we stopped by Harajuku only to pop in at the Marimekko store. It was definitely on my go-to list, so we just had to go there just for a little while. Then, we went to Yokohama to see Sakuragicho Park but the time was not on our side. As inviting as the park (they had a small themed park as well), Yuara and Kutri didn’t have time to play. But next time we come back, I promise you we will!

Thanks to Tripang to make this trip memorable! 


Thursday, May 21, 2015


It was yet another honor for me to decorate an area for my client, Tropicana Slim from Nutrifood. This time, it was for the launching of Tropicana Slim Canola Oil. It was a bright red party! I went a little bit different this time with the chair decoration. Instead of tying the ribbon at the back, I clipped it with some sticker. A simpler yet cuter look!

Learning from the launch, the canola oil from Tropicana Slim is extracted from canola seeds producing oils low in saturated fat enriched with omega 3 – an alternative for healthier oil. I believe as much as Tropicana Slim does too that a healthy life starts from home, especially by the food cooked for the family.

Just like the usual frying oil, we can use canola oil to fry, though for a healthier lifestyle we should start reducing the consumption of deep fried foods. Also canola oil can be used as salad dressing, sautéing, pan-frying, and grilling. I certainly need to get my hands on this healthier choice!


Sunday, May 17, 2015


The day to bake for your loved ones is here! And because I took the pledge, today I am sharing what I baked for my kids. I baked Charlotte’s Zebra Chocolate Chip Cookies and immediately got an approval from Yuara and Kutri!
Everything chocolate lights up my kids’ eyes, so when they first saw the zebra chocolate chip cookies, the word “Wow” was mentioned several times while jumping around to get their hands on them. The drizzled toppings had just hardened and was firm enough to let them taste, and once they did their reaction just made my day! “Hmmm…” “Yummm…” “Chocolaaate…” were a few of the repeated words I got and though it’s only a word, the whole moment totally blew me away. It’s either I really did a good job or they are just very polite kids, but I think it’s the former. Yeah, I knew I nailed it when they kept asking for more. I did try to make them save some for later, but it didn’t work and because it’s World Baking Day, I gave in and let them eat the whole batch. They were thrilled!
Yuara & Kutri enjoying the cookies to its very last bit

Today, baking for them was the perfect thing to do. It definitely delivered that sense of satisfaction, boosting my mood making me feel such a proud mom. For that, I’m really glad I took the pledge. Mindfully taking on this pledge to bake actually reminds me that baking is therapeutic and is a great way to focus our energies into something fun. If we really enjoy the process, this is actually equal to ‘me’ time that is essential for positive mental health. Now this is why we should be whipping up things in the kitchen more often, right? Oh, lets!

So, did you take the pledge? How did it go? I’d love to hear.

This post has been sponsored by Blue Band, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


There’s something about birthdays and me. We don’t really connect. I always fail to see my birthdays as something special. But I turned 35 last Sunday and it felt different, at least it was because the husband and the kid treated it differently. They were up from dawn to bake me a birthday cake! And when the night fell, they brought me to a fancy dinner so we could celebrate properly. But the thing is, as far as I could remember, I always try to celebrate my life everyday. With my loved ones. And doing the things I love the most. For that, I am truly grateful.

Oh it was Mother’s Day too that day, so Happy Mother’s Day to all of you grateful moms out there.. To those who can still smile when your kids are testing you! Be grateful. Always.


Friday, May 8, 2015

SPONSORED POST: Let’s Bake Ourselves Happy!

Have you ever had that feeling of satisfaction after preparing a dish for you loved ones and they actually love it? I get it all the time, even if it’s just a simple sandwich fix or a super-easy baked pudding. The smiles and giggles I get in return from the family afterwards are priceless. I’m sure us mommies know how exactly that feels, and I bet that is what gets us back in the kitchen now and then.

Well, you know what? Next week on May the 17th, is World Baking Day! To celebrate that, I am taking a Pledge to Bake. Yeah, why not celebrate by getting creative in the kitchen, enjoying a little ‘me-time’ and most of all to earn those smiles and that priceless feeling again! So, next week I will be baking Charlotte’s Zebra Chocolate Chip Cookies and I will be baking for the kids. I know how they love cookies, and Charlotte’s recipe will definitely be a sweet surprise from my ordinary Choco Chip Cookies.

Hey, why don’t you join me on this? We can bake our own recipes but share the same happiness all around! You can join #worldbakingday on social media to share your bake! If you’re not a cookie mom like me, you can try this recipe by Blue Band for The World’s Happiest Cake. Using combined flavors of coconut, mango and lime, I can just imagine how happy it will make us feel. Here’s the recipe if you would like to try.

Makes 16 slices
Time preparation: 30 minutes
Cooking time: 70 minutes

225 g Blue Band Cake & Cookie
325 g Sugar
4 eggs
250 g Self-raising flour
100 g All Purpose flour
2 Limes, grate the skin
50 g Dried mangos, chop finely
50 g Sliced almonds
50 g Dried coconut
2 lemons, use the juice
60 g Sugar
55 g Blue Band Cake & Cookie
175 g Caster sugar
1-2 tsp Milk
100 g Mango puree

How to make Cake:
1. Brush your baking pan with Blue Band Cake & Cookie. Use a 23 cm diameter pan and line with baking paper. Pre-heat the oven to 170 °C.
2. Whip Blue Band Cake & Cookie with sugar using a mixer until light and fluffy. Add in eggs one at a time. Add the remaining ingredients and fold together using a spatula.
3. Pour batter into the baking pan and bake for 70 minutes until cooked.
4. Cool the cake on a baking rack.
How to make Syrup: Cook lemon juice and sugar to the boil until sugar has dissolved. Pour on the surface of the cake.
How to make Filling:

1. Whip Blue Band Cake & Cookie, sugar and milk until creamy.
2. Cut cake into three pieces
3. Pile on top of each other after adding filling and mango puree on each layer.
How to make Topping:
1. Make a glazing by mixing lemon juice and caster sugar until it makes a thick liquid. Pour on top of cake.
2. Decorate with dried mango, almonds, and dried coconut.

Meanwhile… You can join the WBD Community on Facebook or follow the WDB on Twitter, Instagram and Google +, pin WBD on Pinterest and definitely check out Blue Band’s Website!

This post has been sponsored by Blue Band, but all thoughts are my own.

Thursday, May 7, 2015


It was a fine day that day, when I managed to make and decorate props for a party themed from the book Where The Wild Things Are. Was I excited? Of course! Was I happy with the results? You bet! I made a tree backdrop, pretend-fire, and a Where The Wild Things Are pinata!
 The dessert table backdrop
 Cake and cookie by @alinaratih
The photo booth with tents and pretend-fire!

DIY Where The Wild Things Are Pinata Face
What you need: a large sheet of brown cardboard, acrylic paint, black coloring pencil, black crepe paper

How to make:
1.    Shape the cardboard into a giant circle with two devil horns and draw a rough sketch of the eyes, nose, and teeth

2.    Color them in with paint. I also painted the horns white.

3.    Using a black coloring pencil, trace over the eyes, nose, teeth and other features using sketch strokes to perfect the look.

4.    Make fringe using the black crepe paper and stick around the face making it look hairy. 

Easy, right? I bet anyone can do this! Oh, you can also see the full tutorial of this pinata project in the upcoming Air Asia magazine. Happy crafting, guys!


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

WORK ON MEDIA: Paper Flowers on Martha Stewart Living

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of paper flower… I believe they can brighten up any kind of day and weather. So when I got the chance to contribute for Martha Stewart Magazine last year, of course I just had to go with the idea of decorating with these lovely paper florals. 

How lovely would those Hydrangeas be on the door? Or decorating gifts with cherry blossoms? Poppies for cupcake toppers maybe? (Click here for my paper poppies DIY tutorial) And who would have thought about roses on napkin holders? Last but not least, those tulips in a long clear glass. Prettiness all over!



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