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Last Christmas, I gave you my heart and out of the box X-mas trees! Yup, I was so happy to create the ultimate Christmas trees for the seasons’ display for Justice, L’OCCITANE, and Mothercare. The only tip I have for a project like this: think out of the box and let your ideas run wild!

Justice Trees
Christmas Ornaments Tree for Justice.

Stacked Crate Boxes Tress and Lady with Pom-Pom Skirt for L'OCCITANE.

Mothercare Trees
Traditional Christmas Tree with Handmade Wool Ball Ornaments and Embroidered Hoops.


dreamesh LIVING bean bags

Come and see a few new collection of bean bags from dreamesh LIVING! You can get your bean bag for IDR375. For purchases, just email me here. Happy shopping, everyone!

DIY: CASTLE PINATA (and the giveaway winner!)

Making piñatas is easy! Here’s how I made a castle piñata for Sofia The First themed birthday party last week.
First of all, make a concept of how you want your castle to look like. For mine, I used a rectangle shaped box for the castle body and 5 long sides of boxes for the towers. I also needed heavy duty tape, glue, scissors, crepe paper, and silver cardboard.

1.    For the corner towers, roll 4 sides of cardboard boxes into a same-sized cylinder shape and secure with tape. I made the center tower slightly wider but shorter since it will be sitting on top of the box.
2.    Secure the cylinders to the corners of the rectangle box with tape. It doesn’t matter which way the box is facing because I glued windows and doors for both sides of the piñata. Oh, don’t forget to leave a flap open to fill the piñata with candy. Lastly, stick the wider cylinder to the center of the box.
3.    Make a hole on the right and left side of the castle to tie some string for you to hang the piñata late…


Being the mother of two means I have conditioned a room for my kids twice, to fit both their (and my) needs.
 While we are usually excited about the themed nursery and want it to be as cool as can be, don’t forget those safety needs we should put first. Here are my tips on decorating a baby and kids room:

1.    Seal safety corner guards to all sharp corners on tables and cupboards.
2.    Cover up all electricity sockets and make sure electricity cords are taped up and safe.
3.    Keep all furniture away from the windows, especially when your kid starts to stand up and climb onto things.
4.    Place a nonslip sheet beneath the rug to avoid slipping.
5.    Hang only light weight decoration near the side of your crib and make sure they are tightly secured.
6.    Store toys in boxes or baskets without lids. Lids can danger little fingers and even trap your toddler inside a box if he or she climbs in.
7.    If you want to paint your nursery, use water-based paint that is less toxic and air the r…


If you asked Yuara what Valentine’s Day means to him, he would certainly refers to Valentine Buddies – the thing they do at Yuara’s school. Every Valentine, two or three kids are picked to be Valentine Buddies and they should wear something similar to school. This year, i went on with my idea of making these paper origami bow ties for Yuara and his two buddies. It is super easy!

Here’s how to make it:
1.    Use any kind of cardboard (cereal or milk box) with a measurement of approximately 20x15cm, then stick washi tape on the cardboard until the whole surface is covered. Do the same to a piece of cardboard as big as 3,5x10cm for the center part of the bow tie.
2.    Simply fold the 20x15cm cardboard into an accordion. Then, tie the middle part of the accordion using a rubber band or string.
3.    Gently take the center piece and cover it over the rubber band or string you used for the center part of the bow. Secure the ring with double tape and add a safety pin so that the bow tie ca…


it’s always fun to seek for the cutest clothing for our kids to wear. am sure am not that only kind of parent here. am a fan of traditional fabric, naturally, and I always find it adorable paired well in good quality kids wear.

Yuara and Kutri wearing Embun Kids Balinese batik
that’s why I adore the designs at Embun Kids. have you ever heard of it? i was lucky to help style the products for their photoshoot which made me fall more for their simple and chic clothing. the designs combine high quality cotton modern fabric with a touch of Indonesia through the combination of traditional fabric such as tenun ikat, tenun and silk from Makassar, Dobi batik, Balinese batik, Garutan and Solo print batik. Cute? You bet! Comfortable to the kiddos? For sure!

moreover, I totally support their vision in introducing our nations diverse culture to children as young as possible, and be confident about it! Embun Kids encourages kids to be proud of what they wear, parallel to their tagline “Be dressed …


Book your calendar, because on February 15th 2015 at Club Kembang (behind Aksara Kemang), we are making ombre dyed kimonos with linoleum block printing for only IDR300! Here’s a sneak peek of what will be going on…

All workshop participants will be handed out a kimono and shopping bag that will then be dyed into a bucket filled with fabric paint to create an ombre look. Next, participants will be asked to carve their linoleum block into a design and then print it on their dried kimono and shopping bag. No worries, every step will always be accompanied by the Workshop In A Box team. Even if you don’t know what to design, we will be ready with designs that are up and ready to use! You also don’t need to freak out in making a mistake since you can try your print out on paper or cardboard provided.  

Come join the fun in creating your own fun design to print on your fabric (be it kimono or shopping bag). For registration, email me here, or See you there!


DIY Paper Poppies

Decorating with flowers is always a delight, be it the real, plastic or paper kind. I’m a big fan of paper flowers because it is as pretty as the real thing, cheap, longer lasting, and works (space) wonders, especially for party decoration. I have been making paper poppies for quite some time now, starting from the small to giant sized ones. Here’s the tutorial!

How to make the petals:
1.    Make a petal template in the shape of a shell or broccoli and cut out 7 petals on any kind of art paper. It doesn’t have to be 7, I have made a 3 and 4 petals poppy and it turned out just as nice.
2.    Add texture to the petal by slightly folding the paper in vertical direction using the tip of your finger or a ruler to help.
3.    Cut a slit in the center down to the lower of the petals and tuck one side underneath then secure with hot glue making the petal kind of a bowl-shaped.
4.    Glue all your petals together at the bottom parts to form a well-balanced poppy. But do make sure the petals are pro…


hi guys! it’s been approximately a year since my last post and I feel so bad for this absence. my defensible and most honest reason is because I have been so busy with work. dreamesh LIVING and projects under the brand, namelydreamesh {handmade} DECORwhere I concept and create handmade and custom piecedecorations for a certain space and dreamesh DIY CLUBwhere I prepare and conduct craft classes, have grown to occupy most of my energy and time, which of course I love and can’t get enough of. there is so much excitement and creations to share regarding my projects that I just have to share with you through the blog.

one of my biggest excitements is definitely my book ‘DIY Room Project’ that was finally published in early 2015! the book is actually a collaboration with 6 other craft bloggers, all contributing DIY tutorials for your rooms. together with Living Loving, Youthdew, Mola, BJBJ, Monsterbuaya, Maken Living, and myself, you will definitely find cool creative projects to…