DIY Paper Poppies

Decorating with flowers is always a delight, be it the real, plastic or paper kind. I’m a big fan of paper flowers because it is as pretty as the real thing, cheap, longer lasting, and works (space) wonders, especially for party decoration. I have been making paper poppies for quite some time now, starting from the small to giant sized ones. Here’s the tutorial!

How to make the petals:
1.    Make a petal template in the shape of a shell or broccoli and cut out 7 petals on any kind of art paper. It doesn’t have to be 7, I have made a 3 and 4 petals poppy and it turned out just as nice.
2.    Add texture to the petal by slightly folding the paper in vertical direction using the tip of your finger or a ruler to help.
3.    Cut a slit in the center down to the lower of the petals and tuck one side underneath then secure with hot glue making the petal kind of a bowl-shaped.
4.    Glue all your petals together at the bottom parts to form a well-balanced poppy. But do 
make sure the petals are proportional to the center parts.

How to make the center:
1.    Cut smaller round pieces of paper and cut fringes all around the edges then curl the edges upwards (using scissors’ edge) then glue to the center of the poppy petals.
2.    To replicate the poppy seeds inside of the center part, cut out an even smaller round piece of paper and glue in. Use different colors of paper for each part for a fun and creative look.

 That's me at the launching of Opera decorating the dessert table and then holding a workshop using the red poppies theme.

Hope you have a crafty Wednesday!



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