Tuesday, April 21, 2015

join the (DIY) club!

What club? dreamesh DIY club, of course! Why not spend your last weekend this month crafting with me at these two workshops.

Feeling foxy? Then come join this FREE DIY fox pillow workshop with Gingersnaps
Sharpen your sewing skills and creativity by making your own fox pillow!

Date: Saturday, April 25th 2015
Place: Gingersnaps store at Puri Indah Mall
Time: 1 pm onwards
Fee: FREERegistrations: Anggia 0821-1128-9963

Spend quality time with your kid at Mom & Kids DIY Workshop in The Park with tamasyakeluarga.com
We will be making  passport pouches for mom and kid (including the passport book and stamps, too!) while playing and having a picnic in the park. It’s gonna be super fun!

Date: April 26th 2015
Place: Taman Mentang Jakarta Pusat
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm
Fee: 250k including all materials and a free canvas picnic blanket to take home
Registrations and information: www.tamasyakeluarga.com, 08159922290, 08111011148 (HP, WA, Line), email: chika.mooi@nexttrip.web.id


Sunday, April 19, 2015

DIY : Felt Birthday Crown

These felt birthday crowns are just a more classy and fun way to celebrate your kids’ birthday! Here’s the tutorial I gave for a craft class at Gingersnaps last year. The kids will have so much fun making them!

What you need:
Felt sheets in lots of colors, scissors, glue, elastic band.

                                                         my little queen

How to make:
1.    Trace a crown-shape on your piece of felt for the base (I once traced a Burger King’s paper crown just to get the feel of it, and did my version afterwards). I did mine looking like three mountains – the middle one higher than the other two. Make the mountains slightly apart measuring around 40 cm long.
2.    Cut out. Then make the exact shape but smaller to glue on top of the base. Don’t forget to use a different color for a nice contrast.
3.    Now, it’s all about being creative! Decorate your crown with cut out cupcakes, hearts, shapes, numbers, anything you wish. Stick them on all with glue.
4.    Attach the ends of the crown with elastic band after measuring the kids’ head beforehand.
5.    Lastly, of course let them wear it and pretend to be the king or queen all day long!


Thursday, April 16, 2015

THROWBACK THURSDAY: dragons love tacos party

This is probably the most challenging party decor I have done, but also one of my favorite!

the dessert table
The birthday boy was in love with the book Dragons Love Tacos so he wanted the party to be just like it. After brainstorming and challenged to make use of my watercolor-painting skill, I finally painted dragon’s body for the photo-booth backdrop, fire and smoke for photo-booth props, the ingredients (tomatoes, lettuces and cheese) for the dessert table’s decor, and not to forget taco cave and mild salsa signs too!

the photobooth
The hardest part was to make that taco cave out of papier-mache stones. I promise next time I will post the full tutorial of papier-mache DIY but this time, a simple tutorial will have to suffice. Here you go!

DIY Paper Taco Garland

What you need: light brown, dark brown, red, yellow, and green paper, glue, scissors, string.

How to make:
1.    Cut the light brown paper into round circles, then fold in half. That will be the taco. The bigger circle you make, the bigger the tacos!
2.    For the taco filling, cut the green, yellow, and dark brown paper into a slightly larger circles, then fold in half and cut into two half circles.
3.    Using the yellow paper, replicate cheese by cutting the edges of the curve part to give them a shaggy edge.
4.    Using the green half circles, replicate lettuce and cut the curve edges into a wave.
5.    Using red paper, make two small circles replicating tomato slices.
6.    Now, put the tacos together! One on top of the other, stack and stick with glue the meat (dark brown paper), with tomatoes (red paper), lettuce (green paper), and cheese (yellow paper).
7.    Insert the fillings and the string in between the folded taco and repeat until they’re all connected with each other. Don’t you feel like eating one?!


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

catch dreamesh!

Where? At these two happy events!

dreamesh LIVING will be at Inacraft 2015 starting from the 8th-12th of April! Please do give us a visit at the Main Lobby stand number 99. Hope to see you in person!

dreamesh DIY Club will be making dream catchers at Sabtu Santai this Saturday, April 11th. To register, check out the details on the poster below!


Easter in Debenhams Department Store

How was your Easter holiday? I spent mine doing a free DIY workshop for kids at Debenhams Department Store Senayan City!

We opened 15 seats that were taken in no time! The project was to make an egg cupcake inside the ultimate bunny box. The chinese food take-out box were from papercrane (papercrane.asia) if you're interested. Wanna know how we made them?

Egg Cupcake DIY

What you need:
Plastic egg, cupcake wrapper, small round stickers, mini pom-poms.

How to make the egg cupcake:
1.    Glue the plastic egg’s bottom to the inside of cupcake wrapper.
2.    Stick small round circles to the upper area of the plastic egg forming some kind of whipped cream.
3.    Glue mini pom-pom as the cherry on top!

Bunny Box DIY

What you need:
Chinese food take-out box, colored papers for eyes and ears, round white stickers, marker, stapler and fluffy wire.

How to make the bunny box:
1.    Fold the box following the folded lines and secure the sides with stapler.
2.    Cut out two long rabbit ears using the same colored paper as the box, and make two shorter ears using a different color paper. Stick them together.
3.    Stick ears on the front of the box using glue.
4.    Make two round circles for the outer eyes and stick a round sticker on each circle. Then, color a smaller circle with a marker. The bunny eyes are done!
5.    Stick the eyes over the bottom part of the ears overlapping each other a little.
6.    Draw the bunny nose and mouth in between the eyes with a black marker.
7.    Attach fluffy wire on the right and left side of the box using tape or a stapler. Done!
But the best part of this workshop was the kids didn’t only get to bring home their creation, but also a free toy from Debenhams Department Store. I’m sure it was a great Easter surprise!


Friday, March 27, 2015


Hey, look! One of my DIYs is published in Joy Magazine!

Here’s the story behind this project.  Joy Magazine contacted me after seeing my DIY lampshade (on the right)  I made for my book – “DIY Room Project”. They wanted me to do something similar for their article. That’s where I ended up creating this geometric-shaped paper lampshade (on the left). Though it might look complicated to make, it’s really do-able. Trust me. Now, for tutorials, go grab my book (or you can always order it here) to try making the lampshade on the right side as well as  grab Joy Magazine’s March 2015 issue for the geometric-shaped lampshade’s full tutorial in words and pictures. Have fun!


Thursday, March 26, 2015


And to celebrate that, we threw her a Sesame Street themed party last Saturday! I wasn’t exactly planning a party but only approaching the day we decided to go for it. And what could be more fun (for me) and more happier (for Kutri) to go with all things Elmo and Sesame Street.

The Sesame Street dessert table
 The photo booth

Our smiles that day!
We held the party at Club Kembang and invited Puppetaria from Jalan Sesama to conduct a puppet workshop for the invites. From the smiles and giggles, I knew the kids had a great time creating their own puppets made from socks. Other than the workshop, of course there was the photo booth and dessert table made by moi with the delicious cakes and cupcake by @lilchumchum and cakepops by @alinaratih. Seriously, they were too cute to eat! Take a closer look at Kutri’s Sesame Street… I know I’m being bias here, but I think Sesame Street is the best theme for a birthday party. What do you think?
 Don't you just love the Cookie Monster cake and Big bird, Elmo, Oscar cupcakes?
 Elmo lampions at the entrance of the venue and Yuara with his puppet and goodybag made by dreamesh!
 Look what was in the goody bag? An Elmo Bento Box to bring home! Oh and that Elmo Tumpeng was a hit!



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