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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Vroom vroom!

That’s the sound of cars celebrating at our car-themed birthday parties! It was a few moons ago since I decorated my first-ever car-themed birthday party. But as far as I can remember, the first to the last car party I decorated for were super fun!

Tobyn’s party was a mix between vintage cars and cars character. This explains why the vintage cars made their way on the dessert table!

 Table settings
Center piece
However, McQueen and Mater found their way into the party too :)

You can make your own McQueen & Mater cardboard through this DIY tutorial.

What you need: Large carboard boxes, duck tape, paint, print-outs, glue
How to make:
1.    Design your car shape and size. If you want large one to get into like mine, then you will need a really big box or you can simply use medium boxes and attach together with duck tape.
2.    Cut out your design and attach all together using tape
3.    Paint your cardboard car in the color you desire
4.    While waiting for it to dry, print out the eyes, accessories, and wheels, especially if you are aiming for a character from the Cars movie.
5.    Once the car paint is dry, stick the accessories in its place using glue.
6.    Your DIY cardboard car it ready to steal the show!

At Robin’s party, we played more with baloons and checkerd flags as Robin is a fan of Hot Wheels.

                        Even Robin’s goody bags were made out of checkered flag fabric!

Here’s an idea you can make for you kid who loves to bring his cars everywhere anywhere. This easy felt-track can be a great for portable car racing playtime anytime! The more pockets you make, the more cars you can bring along.

Radi’s party was decorated with a car track at the play area. A fun addition to bring in play to decoration. The play cones added a good accent too!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

a night with TULUS & SOYJOY

It was an honor for me to be able to decorate for SOYJOY’s event Intimate Concert INI PERJALANKU bersama TULUS last week. Tulus is one of my favorite Indonesian  singers so I was super excited but also real nervous!

We wanted a romantic and classy vibe so we played with lights and curtains. We practically dressed lights everywhere – on the staircase, and in the lounge area that were draped with red curtains.

We created a photo booth of  a gallery wall displaying Tulus’ photos with a few empty frames for the crowd to play around with.

Oh and that cardboard cutout of Tulus is uber sweet… Selfies with the star himself was not hard at all!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

diy fruit pinata

It was a tropical afternoon when Community Coffee hosted a cheerful Saturday event. Community Coffee held a sharing session for parents about “Healthy Family Lifestyle” while dreamesh diy hosted a DIY session for the kids to make a fruit piñata!
Although I mentioned fruits, mostly watermelons made the pick. Here’s how to make your own little fruit piñata for a birthday or sweet décor for a kids room.
 What you need:
Thin cardboard or paper plates, masking tape, glue, string, crepe paper in green, red or pink, and white (for a watermelon).
How to make:
1.    Cut out one circle then cut in half to get two half circles. Or you can also use large paper plates and cut into two. Our watermelons were around 25 cm long.
2.    Cut out a long rectangle as long as your watermelon with a width of 6 cm.
3.    Cut the ends slightly narrowed.
4.    Tape all sides of the cardboard together forming the shape of a slice of watermelon.
5.    Make sure to leave one end of the bottom flap open to fill in your goodies. If not, you can tape all ends secure.
6.    Start making the fringes using crepe paper. Cut 4 cm crepe paper and cut fringes for all colors you will need.
7.    Before sticking on the fringes, secure string through your watermelon especially if you are planning to hang it.
8.    Start sticking the crepe paper working bottom-up. So, start with green for the bottom of the watermelon, then white and red.
9.    Done? Stick on the seeds using little round stickers. Make sure you color them black first and cut to adjust into a teardrop. Stick as many as you like!
10.    Your watermelon piñata is ready to cheer up your party or space now!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

outdoor decor

We all probably know that decorating outdoor can be quite tricky. You don’t have the walls to hang things on or the limits it shapes.

If you ask me which is more harder or easier? I would say both have their challenges. But somehow, the result of a well decorated outdoor space just might get me smiling a bit more hence the limitations and also weather issues.

Here are a few outdoor spaces I decorated that you can totally remake for any occassion!



CORPORATE EVENT at Pelabuhan Tanjung Priuk



Thursday, November 2, 2017

spooky scenes

Here are some of our Halloween decor we did for some vendors and events. Nothing scary, just some cute ghosts, mummies, and  zombies hangin' around. Along with pumpkin lanterns and spider webs.

The photobooth for the event at SIKU

 Ghosts, spider balloons, and a sitting skeleton to boo the guests at Lot 9 Bintaro.

the end of october...

...means it's time for my Champ's birthday bash and Halloween! Because the two comes almost at the same time, Yuara's 9th birthday was themed to match the fun spirits of Halloween.
Birthday boy and little sister. Can you guess what Kutri is dressed up for?

Moi, the decorater slash witch

I found a great venue at Unju'an where I could rent indoor space and decorate it as I please. It was definitely a score and I am so happy with the results.

I decorated with white rags, spider webs, ghost lanterns, white webs, and pumpkin lanterns.

 How scary do you think our family is?

I mean look at those treats! A skull cake, Frankenstein cupcakes, ghost cake pops, and skeleton cookies. Sweet scary treats for the little guests!

As Yuara was celebrating his 9th birthday, we let him invite 9 friends so it was only natural that we had a face painter on the spot so that the kids could face paint their scary looks. We spotted a dracula, zombie, half skull and many more scary (but cute) faces. It was an intimate scare party that ended with no actual blood. I hope you had a blast, Yuara!

What you need: Black tape, scissors. 
How to make:
1. Measure how big you want your web to be and to make it easier, draw on the surface of where you want to stick your web.
2. Start with making a cross for the base of the web and two other diagonal lines.
3. Add the webs to attach from each line to line. Et voila!

Note: you can use black tape, duck tape, or even masking tape depending on the background of your web.


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