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Ghoulish Vin+

This month, I took on a decorating project for Vin+ for the upcoming Halloween. They wanted to bring out the spooky side of the place on this ghoulish month, so that's what I did. I brought out the big guns for the opening scene; the jack o'lanterns, the spooky gravestones, and of course, the vampire coffin. I strongly suggest avoiding the coffin and restraining oneself from opening it. And I won't tell you where I got those gravestones. 😵  For the witches who might come to visit, I prepared some extra broomsticks and witch hats. Who knows, maybe some of them forgot to bring their brooms and hats. To darken the place even more, I put up a graveyard backdrop and covered the place in cobwebs. The cobwebs helped create that haunted house look and let's be honest, what's creepier than a graveyard, right?  And to complete this spooky setting, I let the ghouls come out and play. They're going to be there welcoming you throughout this haunted month. So enjoy your ho…

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