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Hijab Celebration Day 2019

Welcome to my midweek post. 
Hijab Celebration Day 2019 is an event organized by HIJUP. is the world's first Islamic fashion e-commerce established in 2011 and they have been my steady and wonderful client for years. I am so happy to work with them again.
For this event I needed to provide six welcome panels, the kids corner backdrop, the photo booth backdrop, and the VIP Lounge; fully decorated, of course.
The venue was outdoor and the color scheme is purple, pink, and other pastel colors. Unfortunately, it involved a downpour, and the rain did not let up until near dawn.
Thankfully, the outdoor decor, although soaked, did not falter 😅. In one of the photos you can see some of the paper fringe colors wore off but they survived. I cannot tell you how relieved I was. 

I'm glad that everything went well throughout the whole event and none had to experience what my outdoor decor had to. It was fun as it always been with HIJUP and I look forward to more adventures with …

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