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Hana & the Chocolate Factory

This time I'll take you to Willy Wonka's magical Chocolate Factory for a little girl's birthday. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory is full of magic, and sweets, and chocolates, and oompa loompas. It's where the chocolate river is flowing, and the nuts are handpicked by trained squirrels.
So let my team and I take you to a world of pure imagination.. Welcome and please come in.. When you arrive, you'll see this custom made Wonka Bar welcome sign and you can dive straight in. Then you'll see this Wonka gate where you'll be tempted to enter and have fun. Please don't hesitate, it'll only bring you joy. 
 And when you grow tired and need a break, you'll be escorted to this full of joy dessert table. Here you'll find all sorts of sweets, cookies, cupcakes, and a whole lot more, made just for you. Even the birthday cake is handcrafted by Mr. Wonka himself. The cupcakes are baked in all sorts of flavors you can possibly imagine. 
Well, this is a…

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