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Valentine's Day Post : A Very Barbie Birthday

On this Valentine's Day, I'd like to do a late post about a VERY pink, VERY Barbie, birthday dessert table. Because in every girl's life, there's always a Barbie phase. Of course, the first thing that pops to mind when it comes to a Barbie theme, is PINK. Pink tablecloth, pink linens, pink tulle, pink almost everything.
First, I installed pink tulle drapes over pink striped linen for the backdrop. Then for the dessert table, I covered the table with a darker shade of pink striped tablecloth. And to add color variation to the set, I covered the sides with aqua tulle garlands.
 The cake was placed in the middle and aligned with the Barbie picture on the backdrop. I used wooden cake pedestal and the color combinations worked perfectly.
Other desserts were also made for this party. Barbie cupcakes and pop cakes were set out on the table and they looked just as pretty and as yummy. They were so pretty, you'd have doubts whether to eat them or put them in a frame.
But a…

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