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In the Heart of The Moors

Welcome to the enchanted forest kingdom where Maleficent rules. In the heart of the Moors, a little girl turned 5, and here she invited all her friends and family to celebrate. First, in the forest, we picked a lot of flowers and twigs. Then we prepared the dessert table where friends (including furry ones) and family would enjoy the cake, the sweets, and everything yummy. We decorated the table with fresh picked flowers and leaves, and of course, pretty looking desserts. And for the backdrop, we twined the twigs into a big A for Ava, and hung it with more flowers for all the kingdom to see. The cake and cupcakes were especially made with love and magic for the birthday girl.  And all the kingdom dwellers came. They danced, and played, and laughed, and had a lot of fun together. At the end of the day, everyone went to sleep with full bellies and a smile on their faces. And before they took off to dreamland, they whisper their best wishes for the birthday girl. Happy Birthday, Ava! 💓

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