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baby it's cold outside.

the perfect time to dress your little ones these creature coats from little goodall.
i would gladly wear one if they had any of those cuties in my size. don't you agree?

inacraft 2012.

am deeply sorry about my long long absence. you know how things get when there's a new baby around, right? anyway starting from today, dreamesh living is available at inacraft 2012 - under the name sewing sisters along with berries and applique apik at booth #99 cendrawasih JCC April 25 - 29.

some new collections (playmats, kids boots, etc) will be waiting for you to take them home :)

kutri nadzieja rhamadana.

meet the new member of the rhamadanas, our beloved daughter. born on the 2oth march 2012, she was pretty big (w: 3,185 kg h: 50 cm) but not as much as her brother was (w: 3,915 kg h: 52 cm). we took the name from pramoedya ananta toer's book arok dedes, he wrote about kameshwara (shortened to kameshwar as yuara's middle name) and kutridenta (shortened to kutri). her middle name was picked by the husband, it's polish for hope. at first i was afraid that yuara might get jealous of the little one, but so far he too enjoys her presence among us. oh my, i still can't believe there are four of us now. God is just too kind :)