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ramadan nonprofit workshop.

it all started when chesie of indonesian crafter contacted me and asked me to join their good deed project of feeding those in need and teaching them a craft class. so of course, i said yes!

 we came to this orphanage near to where i live and taught the orphants on how to make a bowtie. at first i doubted that they would take interest on some DIY knick-knack, but they did! the food was provided by indonesian crafter from bintaro area (elittas shop, krisna homemade, lemonz craftprojects, kainan aplikasi, applique apik, lemon label, miss chesie, berries) and the goody bags were from top idol indonesiasewmanics and dreamesh living. hope to see you again next ramadan!

sponsor post: quick click.

this is (hopefully) my last post of our last event workshop in a box #2. i just thought you might want to see the fun we had!

oh, i so love quick click for providing instant photos with crazy props! yuara had too much fun with the hats and masks he wanted the camera to take his every pose, ha ha.. anyway, for more pictures please go here.

at home.

enjoying the stillness in time, the quietness of sounds.

don't you just love holidays?

hope you had a wonderful eid.

like we did. oh, i always love eid family portrait!
selamat idul fitri 1433H, mohon maaf lahir dan batin :)

from your camera.

again, thanks for the love and support :)

 for more pictures, please go here.

circus party review.

have you read about our first event over at fimela and indonesian crafter?

well put. thanks a bunch!

the party is over.

but it sure was fun! for those of you who participated, thanks for coming. all of our silhouette boxes were sold out, it was truly a pleasure for us seeing the mutual passion shared among the participants. so this is what we did on august 5th:
- decorating cards and tags with silhouette chips and greetings stickers
- making silhouette accessory with chain and pendants from ashlee embellishment stuff
- stenciling silhouette on two different fabrics
- framing fabric with silhouette in an embroidery hoop
- sewing fabric with silhouette into a book bag

as always, we decorated a dessert table for inspirations. i made a backdrop with all sorts of silhouette. the cake and cupcakes were from lil' chum chum and those bright silhouettes on canvas were from sibspot (two of them were given away for the attendants!). the poster and boxes' stamps was made by babalisme while paperwish designed the mini silhouettes and sticker greetings. and all those pretty pictures that were taken on D day …

sponsor post: Cisco Linksys EA4500.

meet the new member of our family: the Cisco Linksys EA4500. it is really the answer of our slow internet connection! not to mention how sleek it looks - now i no longer hide the wi-fi router under some chair, i am proudly showing it off on our buffet in the entryway. 

okay you must know that am not really good with gadgets, but this one here is truly an exceptional. it took no more than 15 minutes to setup, and it's windows & mac ready! once it's running, simply sign in for an account at so you can immediately use the Apps to your home network using your gadgets. the Cisco Connect Cloud is the perfect solution to make your life a whole lot easier! since am pretty a control freak (i know you're smiling when you read this, hubby!) i find the Connect Cloud suitable for moi, i can manage all these features anytime even when am not home. There's Guests Access to limit guests using our home network (maximum of 50 guests!), Parental Controls to block…

my man's birthday.

we celebrated the husband's day on the 3rd with a framed card made by moi. i wanted to print it big but wasn't sure that he would like the idea, hence the 4R size. i love making cards because they can be more personal than the store-bought ones.
anyway, happy birthday to the greatest husband ever! i am really one lucky wife :)

sponsor post: warnai kotamu photo contest.

have you done something to help your environment lately? i haven't but would love to do that especially since we've entered ramadan this year, and soon it will be eid! so imagine how glad i was when i found out about Warnai Kotamu Photo Contest by Warna Impian and Jotun Paints via Mommies Daily. here's how it works, i only have to submit photographs of a public area that i think should be repainted. well that was easy, i chose this orphanage near our home because its condition is very poor. as you can see, some of their rooms are not even painted due to their lack of budget.

am inviting you to enter this contest as well. good deed aside, you will also have the chance to win iPod Nano and gift vouchers from Sodexo.  this is what you need to do:
1. visit facebook application page Warnai Kotamu Photo Contest.
2. like Warna Impian's facebook fanpage over at
3. upload photographs of a public area using some form on Kirim Foto page. Do include …