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Monday, August 13, 2012

the party is over.

but it sure was fun! for those of you who participated, thanks for coming. all of our silhouette boxes were sold out, it was truly a pleasure for us seeing the mutual passion shared among the participants. so this is what we did on august 5th:
- decorating cards and tags with silhouette chips and greetings stickers
- making silhouette accessory with chain and pendants from ashlee embellishment stuff
- stenciling silhouette on two different fabrics
- framing fabric with silhouette in an embroidery hoop
- sewing fabric with silhouette into a book bag

as always, we decorated a dessert table for inspirations. i made a backdrop with all sorts of silhouette. the cake and cupcakes were from lil' chum chum and those bright silhouettes on canvas were from sibspot (two of them were given away for the attendants!). the poster and boxes' stamps was made by babalisme while paperwish designed the mini silhouettes and sticker greetings. and all those pretty pictures that were taken on D day were done by quick click (more on that later!). wanna join us? our next event is on september 22nd! 

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  1. Looks like loads of fun! Mau dong ikutan yang berikutnyaaaa ;)



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