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real fortune out of felt cookies.

Martha Stewart inspired me to make these felt fortune cookies. aren't they great? i can write small notes saying 'give the mother of your son a massage' or even better, 'for god's sake, let the wife shop', put them in the cookies, and wait patiently until my husband read one. ha! okay, okay. will let him write something for me too. no fun :P

i wonder where i can print one.

i desperately want this printed fabric.

when i saw these pics from Barbara Berrada's blog (plus two from design*sponge) yesterday, i fell in love instantly.
and not to forget this plate, also from one of her shop.
well, ever since that invitation idea, i can't get pennant banners out of my head. am i obsessed? ah i surely hope so.

my dream nursery room.

would have boodalee's trees wall graphics that can be cut out and arranged as i like.
and this particular sweater clock from anthropologie.

i heart necklace.

and these two tell each side of my life story.
this one from Figs & Ginger is about me, the husband, and the baby boy. our precious life together.
whereas the one from etsy seller yellowgoat is about the girl in me that stays alive even when am a wife and a mother now :)

the top of my tree.

this is how the view from our bedroom's window looks like at 12 o'clock. the pink flowers suit this lazy sunday noon.

not an ordinary bean bag.

because of the handpicked retro fabric.
and yes, the boy sitting on top of it with the matching outfit :)


my son's first birthday is coming up in a month! panic, panic, panic. anyway, i ordered the goodie bags from personalised M&M's a while back via my sister in law who lived in the US.
and yesterday while browsing through for some invitation idea, i found the perfect one from lovelydesign. oooh, am definitely making one with some pennant banners!

our house.

is small-ish. but it is ours. big big proud grin. i can see us raising yuara here. can't wait to move in!

for sweet treats.

i looove cupcakes. especially the ones with cute lids.
oh, these cupcake bowls are heavens for my treats.

the reminder.

since am a huge fan of singer-songwriter Feist, it's only fair to adore the work of Alli Coate as well.
beautiful isn't it?

oh deer.

am never a fan of dead animal head hanging on the wall for decoration. but this is brilliant!
etsy seller girlsavage make perfect felt deer heads to hang over the fireplace.

the taste.

i bought a copy of october 2009 Livingetc yesterday. and look what i've found.
i own that lacy wall clock!
it's been hanging on our bedroom wall since last year. uh huh. i always know i have the taste :P

my next children book.

after Terela, am planning on another children book project. it will be about a boy. and i want the illustration to be exactly like this. by Belle & Boo. check out their website, blog, and shop on etsy and 1973.

my kind of pillow.

are the charpoy pillows from Doshi Levien.but i like the one from cotonnier too, especially since they can stitch my son's name on it.

wingchair project.

am sooo lucky to have inherited a wingback chair in mint condition from my in-laws. all i had to do was cover it with brand new fabric! i chose some retro fabric that will go along with our future bedroom (in lime green and greyish blue). am pretty satisfied with its transformation :)
and later on. my lovely boy on my lovely wingchair.

can't keep calm.

when i see this new rug at anthropologie. the statement was intended to encourage british soldiers in world war II and is printed on posters everywhere nowadays. but have never seen one before on a rug! this, i gotta have. i sure hope they ship all the way to my country.

this pouf of mine.

urban outfitters' way. and of course, my way.

baked oranges.

me and my tummy celebrate eid today. yummy yum yum! rice dumpling ketupat, beef rendang, mixed vegetables ketupat sayur, beef liver in chili sambal goreng hati, and the list can go on and on and on. anyway since am not good at cooking indonesian food, am posting a recipe of baked oranges and carrots from Jamie Oliver. a simple way to end the day.

sofa inspiration.

am in love with TrueModern luna sofa by Edgar Blazona. it has classic danish design (which i LOVE) with a twist of modern take.
now if only i could transform the old sofa that we inherited from my in-laws into something similar to this, i would be the happiest girl alive. of course in the color that matches my coffee table. i think soft burnt orange will do the trick.

feeling retro.

i would say that retro is my style. that is exactly why i browse for some old-looking accessories to decorate my house. these two from etsy are perfect examples.
metal serving tray memo board from raeraesisters. definitely my next DIY project.
and vinyl wall decal set from HutchMe.

green shopping.

instead of using canvas reusable shopping bag, carry this: carrie shopping basket inspired by crochet tablecloth. designer Marie-Louise Gustafsson sure knows how to look sweet while shopping!
but if it was up to me, i would use this around the house to display my old perfume bottles.

i wish i had her talent.

apart from our book project, Ykha Amelz's works are everywhere - music CD cover, shirt, magazine, and yes, other children book.
the illustration above reminds me of my childhood and all the books i read back then (nina series and tini series).
i adore this one. the colors are just superb.
the last piece is meant for EAT artist image series tees. and they are now on sale.

sneak peek.

finally. my dream of becoming a children book author is about to be real. i had the script for years but never met the right illustrator. so when my brother pointed out the brilliant work of his girlfriend's sister Ykha Amelz, i couldn't agree more! the front woman of C.U.T.S is also one amazing artist. here you go, the sneak peek of our work together. coming soon from GagasMedia publisher.

perfect combination.

dear Amy Butler, am deeply fond of your choice for color combination.
please, please, please adopt me to your house.

cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo.

etsy seller decoylab have some serious thought of modern living.

who would have thought of making a modern version of some cuckoo clock? apparently they have. bravo.

lace on a case.

old food cans are the perfect media for some new victorian pencil storage.
this is my way of recycling: pretty.

these just in.

more addition to the indonesian batik print fabrics that i ordered a few days ago. i met its small retailer yesterday at some exhibition.
lovely. just lovely. if interested, you can order them through me. happy shopping!

themed party.

i looove to make one. this time, am posting an indonesian themed party i threw at my place.
actually, i purchased the fabric at an indian store on my trip to bangkok. but the rests are bought here in indonesia. those cookies in pretty colors are our local snack! eating them reminds me of my childhood. oh, the orhids are not real by the way.
i used batik to cover the dining table and some local flowers to decorate. they're called jengger ayam (translation: the rooster's comb). interesting term, eh?