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My Little Pony Birthday Bash

If you have a little girl, you might be aware of the ‘return’ of these cute loving ponies and unicorns that were once a hit in the 80s. Fun and colorful as they are, it would be natural that many birthdays would take this theme, just like any other fond characters, I guess. I myself had fun decorating six parties in this theme. Here are how I managed to twist each and every one to make it different from the other.

Naila’s 5th Birthday

Rai’s 9th Birthday

Alisha’s 5th Birthday

Alesha’s 7th Birthday

Dasha’s 5th Birthday 

Adis’ 7th Birthday 

Star Wars Fever

Were you also in that fever when the film came out? We definitely were. My husband and I are fans and so we thought apart from taking Yuara to see the movie, I hosted a Star Wars kids workshop also. The workshop was held at @perpussktr9 and we made lightsabers and masks!
Star Wars Mask DIY
What you need: Elastic, craft glue, scissors, felt (black, grey, crème, brown, and pale pink)

How to make:
1.    Cut out your piece of felt into the pattern shape you want either for Darth Vader or Princess Leia.
2.    Measure the diameter of your head, cut elastic and attach to the sides of the mask.
3.    Start cutting the accessories; brown hair buns and rosey cheeks for Princess Leia and grey accents for Darth Vader. Glue on and set aside to dry.
Now, measure where to make holes for your eyes. Use a cutter to make a hole and continue cutting a bigger hole with scissors.


DIY Disco Ball

Partying is always merrier with the flashes of those disco balls. While we are far from the disco years of the 80s, lucky I found how we can make our own affordable disco balls.

It all started when I decorated for Kanmo Retail Group’s year end party, I thought it could need some sprucing up with more disco balls! This projects actually counts as recycling since we can use those old CDs we just don’t know where to keep anymore.

What you need: Styro ball, a lot of CDs, scissors, glue gun, small hook, and string.

How to make:
1.    Cut the CDs into little rectangles and squares. Don’t worry if the length is not the same. You can also experiment triangle-shaped cuts, like I did, that work well too!
2.    When you feel like you have the right amount, start sticking from the middle (biggest diameter) on the styro ball in rows all around forming a pattern. Make sure the rows are straight but don’t sweat if it’s not too neat.

3.    Keep on sticking until the whole ball is covered with cut CDs.
4.   …

Projects of 2015

It’s half past the month of January but it’s never too late to wish you all a Happy New Year! My wish to us all is that we achieve not only the big things but also the little things that really matter to us and make us happy. It’s all worth to work for while not forgetting to continue to count all the blessing we have earned and cherish them more in the new year. I definitely will.

To kick-start the blog this year, in the picture above is a collage of 14 of my favorite projects of 2015. It was really hard to choose out of all the fun projects and workshops I did, but these 14 somehow topped off my list. I hope amongst them were also the best ones you liked too!

First row:- Movie picnic party with Mommies Daily
- Dragons Love Tacos themed Party
- Halloween decor
- DIY Disco Ball at Sapa Pagi Kompas TV

Second row:- Giant paper flowers. Here's the tutorial.
- Monster University photobooth

Third row:

- Rapunzel themed party
- Where the Wild Things Are themed pinata
- Teen Study Room for Bravac…