DIY Disco Ball

Partying is always merrier with the flashes of those disco balls. While we are far from the disco years of the 80s, lucky I found how we can make our own affordable disco balls.

It all started when I decorated for Kanmo Retail Group’s year end party, I thought it could need some sprucing up with more disco balls! This projects actually counts as recycling since we can use those old CDs we just don’t know where to keep anymore.

What you need: Styro ball, a lot of CDs, scissors, glue gun, small hook, and string.

How to make:
1.    Cut the CDs into little rectangles and squares. Don’t worry if the length is not the same. You can also experiment triangle-shaped cuts, like I did, that work well too!
2.    When you feel like you have the right amount, start sticking from the middle (biggest diameter) on the styro ball in rows all around forming a pattern. Make sure the rows are straight but don’t sweat if it’s not too neat.

3.    Keep on sticking until the whole ball is covered with cut CDs.
4.    To hang up, insert a hook at the top of the ball and attach with string.

The frosting on top of this DIY was that I was invited to appear on the morning show “Sapa Pagi” on KompasTV to share about this exact project. So really, who can’t disco time anytime-anywhere now?