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rainy weekend.

in singapore. but we went anyway to the zoo for a brief time, right until the heavy rain poured.
and we did manage to hang out (and snatch some things) at ikea and borders. best places ever.
i hope your weekend was full of fun too!


if only the husband is open to pastel colors or girly bright hues, this is what our home would look like. but instead, i had to steal these from stacey sargent's (found via design*sponge). i know, no fun eh?he really doesn't know what he's missing (and making me miss). sigh.

one good weekend.

my brother finally has his own xbox room by getting rid some junks in one of the unused room at our mother's house. the junks were our favorite toys and games when we were still young and innocent :p i tried to teach yuara how to match these cards and ended up playing myself. speaking of junks, i also find these logs on our way home. there was this abandoned piece of land that we passed by almost every day and the trees there were recently cut. so we made a stop and asked politely to take home some of the logs. and they were given to us for free! i feel like telling yuara, 'that my son, is what you get for being polite.' oh, i sense another DIY logs project coming up!

another media coverage.

really very sorry for boasting. but i just can't help it (tee hee)! InStyle indonesia, december 2010 issue tabloid nova, december 2010 issue Martha Stewart Living indonesia, january 2011 issue
thank you for all the love and support, love you back big time! mmmmuah...

theatrical theme.

how come i never thought of this when throwing my own birthday party? am always fond of puppet theater, so bringing it to life would be the rightest thing to do, right? am definitely stealing eunice & daniel james' wedding idea (found via martha stewart weddings and because we can) inspired by images from photographer tim walker. now, i want the exact same wooden stage and animal props. and i also think custom play cards would make great goody bags (especially to my college girls). i must say the wedding is nicely done! don't you agree with me on this?

it only takes one brief trip.

to make a kid (bebo), a mother (mamo), a father (papo), an uncle (pepi), and a grandmother (yani) happy. last week's one night stay in bandung proved to be effective in putting us in our most relaxed mode - oh yes, we are that easy to please.
the trip was yani's early birthday present, so we did a lot of swimming, eating, and shopping (not necessarily in that order and not everyone did swim :D). but am sure each of us did gain weight, well if not us in person then our baggage at the very least. i found this cute shop bestcare that sells quilted everything and of course i stop by tobucil to meet tarlen and snatch one of her fab creation. all in all, it was fun and am looking forward to another getaway some time soon.

yuara's first day of school.

was last monday. well not the actual school though, more like a playgroup really. but still, i think the kid has grown up too fast. too fast i say. even so, am quite surprised that i wasn't all tears when i sat around and wait by his classroom window. guess am a grown mother too now :D
anyway, monday was fine. the husband and i were there and he was still very excited from exploring the whole classroom (see him in the back? exactly). but tuesday? not so much. his teacher told me that after a while, yuara started to look for me and by the end of the day, he cried. my heart breaks a little. oh, if only i could sit you through everything kid *sniff.

silhouette tutorial.

so this is my latest project and am really excited to share it with you. see, i've been totally inspired by rnbeth's silhouettes of our little family - yes, they're the ones i hang in our entryway - i vowed to learn to make one myself. and i did, it's quite simple actually. it started with an order from ary mia for pilar's birthday. she requested some customized frames and i offered to make along her son's silhouette (oh, how i love a client who frees me to do anything i want!). 1. you need to print a black and white picture of your subject. 2. find the perfect place for a backlit effect. windows work so well. 3. start tracing the outer line of your subject's profile. 4. fill in the inner space with regular marker, black preferably. 5. scan your almost-there silhoutte and add the subject's name. 6. put your silhouette into a frame, and you're done! or you think you are. hold on a sec, i wanted to share these too - some tips on making lids for the plastic…

NYE party.

it's 2011, people! how was your new year eve's party? we had lots and lots of fun! we had this tradition of spending our NYE with the husband's high school gang watching horror DVD. because am such a chicken, this year i found a great way to distract the show with some photo sessions (of course sadly, not many of them were distracted).
[pictures were taken with tiessa's and didi's iPhones] thanks to the free printable lips by ami of living locurto, tux shirt on cardboard by jessica jones of how about orange, mini top hat by shala kerrigan of don't eat the paste, and some leftover staches, brows, and glasses from our last party, i didn't have to stay in front of the TV screaming with pillows (notice i wrote pillows with capital S!) on my face. brrrilliant idea, i should've thought about this sooner! anyway, it was a good night and i found it way better in the morning when i received this set from cecillia hidayat. what a nice way to start off the new year …