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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

silhouette tutorial.

so this is my latest project and am really excited to share it with you. see, i've been totally inspired by rnbeth's silhouettes of our little family - yes, they're the ones i hang in our entryway - i vowed to learn to make one myself. and i did, it's quite simple actually. it started with an order from ary mia for pilar's birthday. she requested some customized frames and i offered to make along her son's silhouette (oh, how i love a client who frees me to do anything i want!).
1. you need to print a black and white picture of your subject.
2. find the perfect place for a backlit effect. windows work so well.
3. start tracing the outer line of your subject's profile.
4. fill in the inner space with regular marker, black preferably.
5. scan your almost-there silhoutte and add the subject's name.
6. put your silhouette into a frame, and you're done! or you think you are. hold on a sec, i wanted to share these too - some tips on making lids for the plastic goody bags out of fabric scraps.
7. you will need used cardboard like cereal box, but a new one will also work. cut them up according to your goody bag's measurement.
8. use double tape to stick the cardboard pieces onto the scraps.
9. remove the fabric excess by trimming the edge neatly. 10. and you're FINALLY done. now, how do you get rid of this big stupid grin on my face? am so proud of the result. hope you like them too, pilar :D


  1. Haaai Mbak Amesh! Still remember me? Happy New Year buat Mbak sekeluarga yaa. May you have a great year.

    Did you know, ary mia (or Kak Mia to me) is my sister-in-law? So Pilar is my beloved nephew hahaha. Small world ya.

    Duluuu sekali, aku pernah kasih frame dari Dreamesh utk Kak Mia, utk ngebingkai fotonya Pilar. And now she's one of ur loyal customer haha, seru yaaa...


  2. mb amesh u're good! ck.. ck.. ck... *geleng"

  3. ga sabar nunggu ulg tahunku.. hehe nodong mbak amesh!

  4. @leija: inget donggggg.. dan aku inget kok kalo kalian iparaaaan.. thanks for matchmaking us ya hihihihihihi :P

  5. yes, thanks leija for matchmaking us..and thanks amesh for the brilliant idea :) next project? ;)

  6. hi Amesh, happy new year! Lama ga mampir:) aku juga lagi into silhouette, ampir semua logo label party dibuat silhouette. Nicely done!

  7. Waw bisa juga ya cara gini, huah kreatif bgt..

  8. Mbak Amesh!!haloo,,aku udah lama sering baca blognya mbak, dan bagus sekalii,,sangat menginspirasi!!! aku punya award buat mbak Amesh di blog aku :

    semoga bermanfaat!!!^^



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