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Friday, July 23, 2010

come on in.

have i let you step into our home and take a look at the entryway? not yet? silly host, tsk tsk.
this was one of the early pictures when we first moved in. of course as time goes by, the knickknacks on the top of our buffet got a bit, well okay, a lot messier (i promise to take an 'after' picture one of these days). but i think they also give us the feel of hominess - okay, is that even a word? oh, do please ignore. anyway, welcome (to you too, weekend!).


  1. are those vintage colanders? cute. :)

  2. mbak Amesh, fotonya bikin di mana ya?

  3. siluetnya ya? di rnbeth, ada di plaza indonesia lantai 3 depannya mothercare atau klik yang punya temenku, lutu yaaa?

  4. lucu... makanya pengen punya juga :)
    thanks, mbak



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