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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

yuara's first day of school.

was last monday. well not the actual school though, more like a playgroup really. but still, i think the kid has grown up too fast. too fast i say. even so, am quite surprised that i wasn't all tears when i sat around and wait by his classroom window. guess am a grown mother too now :D
anyway, monday was fine. the husband and i were there and he was still very excited from exploring the whole classroom (see him in the back? exactly). but tuesday? not so much. his teacher told me that after a while, yuara started to look for me and by the end of the day, he cried. my heart breaks a little. oh, if only i could sit you through everything kid *sniff.


  1. keliiittiingg.. km sudah besar yaa.. wah itu fotonya yg terakhir lucu bgtt.
    yuala yg pinter ya sekolahnyaa.. jgn nangis di kelas.. :) hihi

  2. Hihihihi...Yuara jangan nangis dong, kan ada Raska di kelas atas. Senasib sepenanggungan :D

  3. Awwww....he's a big boy now. They're growing too fast! :(

  4. awww i remember nataya's first days. also full of tears :)) guess i'm not a grown mother like you, watching her growing (too fast) with glazing eyes :P



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