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Thursday, January 13, 2011

it only takes one brief trip.

to make a kid (bebo), a mother (mamo), a father (papo), an uncle (pepi), and a grandmother (yani) happy. last week's one night stay in bandung proved to be effective in putting us in our most relaxed mode - oh yes, we are that easy to please.
the trip was yani's early birthday present, so we did a lot of swimming, eating, and shopping (not necessarily in that order and not everyone did swim :D). but am sure each of us did gain weight, well if not us in person then our baggage at the very least. i found this cute shop bestcare that sells quilted everything and of course i stop by tobucil to meet tarlen and snatch one of her fab creation. all in all, it was fun and am looking forward to another getaway some time soon.

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  1. hello Amesh! i'm planning a trip to bandung. do you remember seeing quilted blankets in bestcare? can share with me the price range like for say, a single size one? (so i can bring enough $ if it's within budget. :p) email me. thanks in advance! :)



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