Star Wars Fever

Were you also in that fever when the film came out? We definitely were. My husband and I are fans and so we thought apart from taking Yuara to see the movie, I hosted a Star Wars kids workshop also. The workshop was held at @perpussktr9 and we made lightsabers and masks!
Star Wars Mask DIY
What you need: Elastic, craft glue, scissors, felt (black, grey, crème, brown, and pale pink)

How to make:
1.    Cut out your piece of felt into the pattern shape you want either for Darth Vader or Princess Leia.
2.    Measure the diameter of your head, cut elastic and attach to the sides of the mask.
3.    Start cutting the accessories; brown hair buns and rosey cheeks for Princess Leia and grey accents for Darth Vader. Glue on and set aside to dry.
Now, measure where to make holes for your eyes. Use a cutter to make a hole and continue cutting a bigger hole with scissors.



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