sponsor post: Cisco Linksys EA4500.

meet the new member of our family: the Cisco Linksys EA4500. it is really the answer of our slow internet connection! not to mention how sleek it looks - now i no longer hide the wi-fi router under some chair, i am proudly showing it off on our buffet in the entryway. 
okay you must know that am not really good with gadgets, but this one here is truly an exceptional. it took no more than 15 minutes to setup, and it's windows & mac ready! once it's running, simply sign in for an account at www.connectcloud.com so you can immediately use the Apps to your home network using your gadgets. the Cisco Connect Cloud is the perfect solution to make your life a whole lot easier! since am pretty a control freak (i know you're smiling when you read this, hubby!) i find the Connect Cloud suitable for moi, i can manage all these features anytime even when am not home. There's Guests Access to limit guests using our home network (maximum of 50 guests!), Parental Controls to block websites that are not kid-friendly, Media Prioritization to set speed priority to streaming sites of my choosing on any gadget available, USB Storage to store my files in one place, and many more. for mums like myself, i see the Parental Control Apps as some light in the dark - my (almost) 4 year old likes to watch the phonics song videos over at youtube and eventhough he can't access the internet by himself, the Connect Cloud leaves me feeling at ease. all in all, Cisco Linksys EA4500 is totally recommended and easy to use, click here for more info. Happy monday!


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