it’s always fun to seek for the cutest clothing for our kids to wear. am sure am not that only kind of parent here. am a fan of traditional fabric, naturally, and I always find it adorable paired well in good quality kids wear.

Yuara and Kutri wearing Embun Kids Balinese batik

that’s why I adore the designs at Embun Kids. have you ever heard of it? i was lucky to help style the products for their photoshoot which made me fall more for their simple and chic clothing. the designs combine high quality cotton modern fabric with a touch of Indonesia through the combination of traditional fabric such as tenun ikat, tenun and silk from Makassar, Dobi batik, Balinese batik, Garutan and Solo print batik. Cute? You bet! Comfortable to the kiddos? For sure!

moreover, I totally support their vision in introducing our nations diverse culture to children as young as possible, and be confident about it! Embun Kids encourages kids to be proud of what they wear, parallel to their tagline “Be dressed to proud”.  if you want to get a closer look at the designs, check out their instagram, fanpage, or website.

now, here comes the exciting part! Embun Kids is giving away one Green Cenning Top for a lucky reader! all you need to do is answer this question: “How do you like to dress your kid? In dresses or two-pieces (for girls) and shirts with shorts or pants (for boys)?” Go answer in the comment below and become a follower so i can easily deliver the good news (if you already are, thank YOU!). i will pick a winner randomly by 20th. As always, the giveaway is for indonesian residents only. good luck!



  1. in one piece /dress, indeed. i am a fairy tale person, so i feel so excited to see my girl in girly colour and colorfull pattern dress.

  2. untuk anak perempuan ku suka liat dia pakai gaun atau dress, trus akhirnya kebawa ke dianya juga maunya pake dress-dress cantik gitu deh biar kaya princess katanya, kl untuk anak laki ku, lebih seneng liat dia pake celana panjang

  3. i have no kids yet, anyway. but i take care of my cousins and one of my niece sometimes. so, for the boys, i like them wearing shirt and shorts, because i think it will make them taller. and for the girls, i love to dressing them with dresses. it will make them look girly like they have to be.

    Note : i dropped my comment 2 days ago, but i guess i do not get it posted, so i post it again. apologize if it double posted. Thanks :)

  4. I love to see my 2,5 boy wearing shirts and shorts. Selain untuk mendukungnya tetap aktif tanpa kesulitan bergerak dan kepanasan, he looks casual and gorgeous at the same time. Ditambah ayahnya yang selalu memakai celana pendek hampir di setiap kesempatan, ini membuat anak laki-laki nya pun mengikutinya :) like father, like son. Ibu nya ngikut dan ndukung wae ^^


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