hi guys! it’s been approximately a year since my last post and I feel so bad for this absence. my defensible and most honest reason is because I have been so busy with work. dreamesh LIVING and projects under the brand, namely dreamesh {handmade} DECOR where I concept and create handmade and custom piece decorations for a certain space and dreamesh DIY CLUB where I prepare and conduct craft classes, have grown to occupy most of my energy and time, which of course I love and can’t get enough of. there is so much excitement and creations to share regarding my projects that I just have to share with you through the blog.

one of my biggest excitements is definitely my book ‘DIY Room Project’ that was finally published in early 2015! the book is actually a collaboration with 6 other craft bloggers, all contributing DIY tutorials for your rooms. together with Living Loving, Youthdew, Mola, BJBJ, Monsterbuaya, Maken Living, and myself, you will definitely find cool creative projects to check out and find easy to create. We promise! If you are interested in buying, you can find our book at local book stores in the hobby section. Or you can also order directly to me by sending me an email linked at dreamesh.com.
i hope you are as excited as I am to be back here. lastly, I never think it is too late to hope for a better year, so cheers to a great 2015! 



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