If you asked Yuara what Valentine’s Day means to him, he would certainly refers to Valentine Buddies – the thing they do at Yuara’s school. Every Valentine, two or three kids are picked to be Valentine Buddies and they should wear something similar to school. This year, i went on with my idea of making these paper origami bow ties for Yuara and his two buddies. It is super easy!

Here’s how to make it:
1.    Use any kind of cardboard (cereal or milk box) with a measurement of approximately 20x15cm, then stick washi tape on the cardboard until the whole surface is covered. Do the same to a piece of cardboard as big as 3,5x10cm for the center part of the bow tie.
2.    Simply fold the 20x15cm cardboard into an accordion. Then, tie the middle part of the accordion using a rubber band or string.
3.    Gently take the center piece and cover it over the rubber band or string you used for the center part of the bow. Secure the ring with double tape and add a safety pin so that the bow tie can be easily attached to your kids’ shirt.

 Put it on your favorit guy and enjoy your V-day. Hope you have a happy one!



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