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Saturday, February 21, 2015

DIY: CASTLE PINATA (and the giveaway winner!)

Making piñatas is easy! Here’s how I made a castle piñata for Sofia The First themed birthday party last week.
First of all, make a concept of how you want your castle to look like. For mine, I used a rectangle shaped box for the castle body and 5 long sides of boxes for the towers. I also needed heavy duty tape, glue, scissors, crepe paper, and silver cardboard.

1.    For the corner towers, roll 4 sides of cardboard boxes into a same-sized cylinder shape and secure with tape. I made the center tower slightly wider but shorter since it will be sitting on top of the box.
2.    Secure the cylinders to the corners of the rectangle box with tape. It doesn’t matter which way the box is facing because I glued windows and doors for both sides of the piñata. Oh, don’t forget to leave a flap open to fill the piñata with candy. Lastly, stick the wider cylinder to the center of the box.
3.    Make a hole on the right and left side of the castle to tie some string for you to hang the piñata later.
4.    Now to decorate, cut strips of crepe paper in your choice of color into fringes and stick all around the box and towers with glue.
5.    For the top of the tower, I cut silver cardboard in half of circle shape, curved into a cone shape, and glued it in place. Tape them on top of the towers when done.
6.    For the finishing touch, I cut out windows and large doors using silver cardboard and glued them where I think they’re best seen. Et voila, it’s done!

photo courtesy of Club Kembang

What’s more fun than making piñatas (and smashing them)? Announcing the winner of EMBUN KIDS giveaway, of course! Congratulations Safina Hakim (picked randomly by me!). I will wait two days for Safina to claim the prize, otherwise am picking another winner. And for those of you who didn’t win, no worries... There’s another giveaway coming soon next month!


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