The day to bake for your loved ones is here! And because I took the pledge, today I am sharing what I baked for my kids. I baked Charlotte’s Zebra Chocolate Chip Cookies and immediately got an approval from Yuara and Kutri!
Everything chocolate lights up my kids’ eyes, so when they first saw the zebra chocolate chip cookies, the word “Wow” was mentioned several times while jumping around to get their hands on them. The drizzled toppings had just hardened and was firm enough to let them taste, and once they did their reaction just made my day! “Hmmm…” “Yummm…” “Chocolaaate…” were a few of the repeated words I got and though it’s only a word, the whole moment totally blew me away. It’s either I really did a good job or they are just very polite kids, but I think it’s the former. Yeah, I knew I nailed it when they kept asking for more. I did try to make them save some for later, but it didn’t work and because it’s World Baking Day, I gave in and let them eat the whole batch. They were thrilled!
Yuara & Kutri enjoying the cookies to its very last bit

Today, baking for them was the perfect thing to do. It definitely delivered that sense of satisfaction, boosting my mood making me feel such a proud mom. For that, I’m really glad I took the pledge. Mindfully taking on this pledge to bake actually reminds me that baking is therapeutic and is a great way to focus our energies into something fun. If we really enjoy the process, this is actually equal to ‘me’ time that is essential for positive mental health. Now this is why we should be whipping up things in the kitchen more often, right? Oh, lets!

So, did you take the pledge? How did it go? I’d love to hear.

This post has been sponsored by Blue Band, but all thoughts and opinions are my own


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