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Sunday, April 25, 2010

am a spoiler.

especially to the one that matters to me. like my half-stolen camera. see, i forced my little brother to sell his canon G9 camera to me some time ago (in special price of course, after all am the bigger sister tee hee), and am so glad they waved each other good byes. for that camera never leaves my bag now. i simply can't bring myself to leave home without it.
to keep him happy by my side, i ordered a new camera strap from sawo kecik. i don't want him to look girly and me boyish, so i told sawo kecik to use my toile fabric find. i think he looks handsome in it, my lovely companion.


  1. haha... si Mi jadiin kameramu tambah ganteng mbak,huhu...


  2. oh G9...saya masih ngiler....apa daya G11 sekarang najis betul harganya.



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