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Friday, April 9, 2010

for his (little) eyes only.

i always have a picture in my head before i decorate a room. and the result of yuara's is almost exactly the same as the one i have in mind - minus the kids walk-in closet with shelving system on one side of the walls.
but i managed to get the bright kids drawer (mine is from index), a vintage bottle jar full of colorful building blocks, a fantastic 4 poster i had since my days in bandung and a french ikea mini paper chest - my mom bought it for my little brother when i was still 13!
and also the low level study desk borrowed from my little brother. my brother and i had two pairs of these from our home in bandung (we both went to the same university, UNPAR). the korean circus wall stickers above it were yuara's last year's birthday present from femmy of kinanti. he loooves to point at them and giggle as i say their names.
the bean bag. at first, am not so sure of this gigantic bean bag for his size that the husband adores. but it turns out to be yuara's favorite. so we put it right beside his bed for him to lounge while listening to baby mozart CDs.
well actually, this toddler bed is not the one we used in yuara's room as it is too small to hold both me and the husband. although yuara sleeps all by himself now, we still tuck him to bed (and fall asleep with him for an hour or two), hence the single and bigger than toddler's bed (not shown in the picture). i keep this crib/toddler bed in our temporary work/play room (aka future master bedroom) downstairs. the square pillows and big bolsters are mine but unfortunately, the yuara pillow and the patchwork blanket aren't - they're from cottonnier. so i guess that's it for now, but i promise to be back with more updates. alors, bon weekend a tous :)


  1. I've been thereeeee...I love it!!!!

  2. your wee guy's room is to die for well done you :)

  3. cool study desk and wall poster.
    & a lovely sweet child there!

  4. Awwww, cute nice room for a handsome little man, Yuara! :)
    Assssiikkk wall sticker-nya dipasang, glad that he likes it.

  5. lucky yuara!!!
    bantalnya beli di cotonnier GI yah mbak? tokonya luuuucccuuu bgt yah brg2nya..hehehe...
    btw si untaian burung dah jadi 95% loohhhh :)

  6. LOL. "(and fall asleep with him for an hour or two)" ---> sama banget sih. jd problema nih, skrg gawat.. bisa ketiduran sampai pagi! hahahaha.. kalau lagi santay sih gpp, lah lg deadline.. zzzzzz..

  7. LOVE your toddler's room! I'm actually swooning over the circus stickers, can you ask your friend where to buy them?

  8. Looks like a fun room for a little guy! First visit here. :) Love your blog!

    Adin B



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