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Sunday, April 25, 2010

my reason.

sorry for the lack of posts. am using this weekend to work on some orders: 1,500 frames for wedding souvenirs due next december and 35 frames for birthday goody bags due today.
yes, i'd been cutting and gluing like crazy until my thumb hurts and my pinky is injured by glue gun. nothing serious though, but it sure did hurt. a lot. and now my pinky is swollen. ah, the price you just had to pay after having so much fun taking orders. am such a grateful grateful little girl :)


  1. wow those frames are so cute, mba amesh :D
    i am so inspired of how you can make your dreams come true ^^
    and congratz for the big order :D

  2. i wonder how to put the felt brooches in my frame...just pin it to the wood or the fabric? *stupid question*

  3. waa senangnyaa kebanjiran order :D
    ayo smangaatt! ^^

  4. @dindie: glue it with glue gun. it'll last longer :)

  5. mesh...they look beautiful!!! all your hard works paid off :D...mijet jari deh :D



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