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Friday, September 17, 2010

what we did last eid.

sorry for the very very late post. as eid approaching, the kid and i had a serious stomach flu. no fun at all. but i can gladly say that we're okay now.
so this is what we did last eid (family portrait taken by cousin pahala mansury). apart from apologizing, forgiving, and eating ketupat in between. how did yours go?


  1. mbak Amessshh maap telat....maaf lahir batin yaaa...buat mas Irwan dan Yuara juga :D

  2. aku sdh ucapin, walopun si ibu yg 1 ini lama bgtttt buka bbmnya...hihihi ternyata sakit :(
    yg penting skrg sdh sembuh..hehe..



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