Monday, September 6, 2010

eid holiday sale.

just a couple more days to eid! ah, me so happy - eid always has a way to warm my heart. so to celebrate the day, am having a sale for my ready stock. 10 - 20% discount off the original price!
if interested, send e-mail to or leave me yours here so i can get back to you. happy shopping, everyone!


  1. bantal pink ada rufflesnya menarik. how much? :D

  2. mba ak minat dong sma frameny itu? brpaan y jdiny? yg msh avail yg mna aj? tq

  3. nice cushion.....i just mention your fabric in my check it out...

  4. @Cika: frame yg msh available yg 3 di atas plus 1 tengah bawah :) kalo bminat email aku langsung aja yaa :)

  5. Nice cushion covers designs. Embroidered work is amazing. Do you have Eid sale on this year too? If you have please let me know. Thanks.



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