just another fabric post.

so recently, my beautiful sister in law is back from the states for a couple of weeks before taking her master degree in birmingham, england. she was working for years in houston and was so close to having her own green card, but am just glad that she's home (for now). anyway before leaving the states for good, i asked her to do one very last fabric online shopping for me :P

i also went to some fabric market last week and bought these.

aren't they the prettiest? anyway, am having an eid holiday sale for my ready stock (including the new ones) next week. so be sure to grab one, or maybe more. have a happy weekend!


  1. yang bunga pink-hitam bagush mbak ameshhh...


  2. aku naksir semua yang ada di kotak 1. aduh godaan setan!

  3. i love your fabrics!! :) did you get them from the states?

  4. Any type of fabric can be found, with organic fabric as well as non-organic fabric available online.


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