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Thursday, September 23, 2010

am a good wife.

maybe not terrific. but you know, good enough :P and i have a proof to show you: the built-in cd rack. custom made for the husband (and his passion for music) only.
it is located in between the dining room and the TV room with enough space for yuara to go through or make his drawings on the blackboard wall (we love to collaborate - he does the stems and i do the petals). see? i know how to make both my boys happy.


  1. oh such a dream home ^_^
    well done!

  2. really nice :)
    so did u just paint the wall with blackboard paint? does that really work?
    lagi debating whether to do that or not :p

  3. @danya: actually since i couldn't find any here, i just used an indoor paint: mowilex in black :) hope it helps.

  4. mesh, keren banget temboknya.. yuara pasti seneng banget gambar-gambar disini.. aku juga suka sama rak CDnya..kereeennn :)



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