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Sunday, September 5, 2010

custom sofas.

since kids sofa was released last month, i received a couple of orders already. thank YOU.
our bingo grandprize last august 17th.
orders from ary mia and dira.
three orders from melina of kids republik (another one is still in the making, sorry). if interested, send e-mail to or leave me yours here so i can get back to you pronto :)


  1. amesh, ini berapaan sofanya heu heu heu.. tp kirim ke bandung meni ribet ya?

  2. Hi anie, 350 + ongkir ke bandung 30an ribu.. Gak kok gak ribet at all ;)

  3. helo dimana bisa beli sofanya ya dan motif yang mana saja yang available please info



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