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Monday, March 8, 2010

kids republik.

have you ever seen a kids store so well made? i have. yesterday, i went to kids republik located next to lobby 2 at mall of indonesia. and oh, how i love it there. they have those paper air balloons hanging from the ceiling (am so stealing the idea!) and tall buildings as cabinets, and cute tree shaped woods on the wall, and also some pretty wallpapers. not to mention their nursery room on second floor. my oh my, i can see myself live in that five storey shophouse :D

well okay maybe not me, but who says my products can't stay? dreamesh living is now available at kids republik. do have a look at my latest collection.

yes, am back in business, people. moving time is over.


  1. Barangku insyaAllah mau masuk sana Mesh, doain ya...lagi chit and chat soal price ;)

  2. congret ya mbak... lucu-lucu banget.. oia, ada mommy yg pernah minta dibikinin sarung bantal ama aku, ternyata dia ambil gambar dari sarung bantal mbak amesh, aku baru ngeh skarang, tapi aku nggak jadi bikinin,hehe... pengen blajar bisnis nih ama mbak amesh... salam kenal ya mbak... x.o. aphrodita

  3. congratulatioooooooooooooooooooonn!!!! yay!!! lucu2 banget bantalnya mbak amesh!

  4. @aphrodita: kamu bertanya ke orang yang salah, aku gak bisa bisnisss huhuhuhuhu
    @ayang: trims manisss!

  5. ooo ... ya ampun aku pernah liat niih .. lucu-lucu .... (^.^)

  6. ada tokonya ga kak??mau liat2 :D

  7. blum ada toko, tapi produkku bisa diliat di alun-alun grand indonesia, chic mart kemang, dan kids republik mall of indonesia :)

  8. hi there mba amesh!! waaaw jd mba amesh toh yg design bantal2 lucu ituuuu... aku dah pnh liat lgsg di KIDS REPUBLIK nyaa :D
    in fact, soon i'm gonna work there!! hoho.. lucu2 banget mba produk2nya, smoga bs laku keras di KIDS REPUBLIK ;D *i'll promote it to all my friends, hihi*


  9. makasiii dhandayani that's very sweet of you *hugs*



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