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Monday, August 23, 2010

independence day.

we're lucky to live in such a friendly neighbourhood. we were invited to a small celebration of various games and feasts last august 17th. and it lasted for two days, woo-hoo! i never really enjoyed the independence games up until then, even yuara seemed to agree - he won third place out of three contestants :D
the last picture was taken by our neighbour, muhammad fadhli. anyway to break the fast, i made two of my signature dishes: bread butter pudding and sauteed shrimp with butter sauce (minus the pasta, that was our late dinner). at first, i wasn't very optimistic to cook during fasting time, but i think they turned out quite okay. since the recipes were quite simple, i won't bore you with the details.
so what are you craving for today? me, i simply want my mother's cooking. any kind will do. selamat berbuka puasa!


  1. waduuh, salah gw baca pas menjelang siang gini

  2. do share the rcipe! especially the bread butter pudding. anything to do with bread and butter, my head goes up.

  3. @fiona: will email it to u soon :)



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