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Saturday, August 7, 2010

yuara's circumcision.

the champ suffered from repeated infections so he had his circumcision a couple days ago. it was a minor operation, but we still took it hard as parents. i shed tears walking him to the OR and couldn't stop fidgeting until the nurse finally called us. it seemed forever waiting for yuara to wake up and when he did, you have no idea how relieved i was. tsk, parenthood.
i thought yuara would be all fussy afterwards, but he really took it like a true champion. no complaints whatsoever. he even wears sarong (and my new fave: sailor shirt from bugsy delight) voluntarily! oh dear, my baby is a big boy now. so i do what i should to my two big boys this weekend: spoil them to pieces - which involves letting the kid sleep back in our room and the husband go see ian brown's concert. hope yours is as fun ;)


  1. Waah,congrats ya Yuara, you're a big boy now :)
    Hebat, masih kecil udah berani sunat :)

  2. Yuaraaaaaaa :D hebat banget deh enggak nangis enggak rewel ih gemettt! *buzzzzzyyyyy > udah ke brainwash ni dengerin Yuara 2 hari hahahah*

  3. get well soon Yuara!

    btw, matching top to sarong. cute!

  4. hah? serius umur segitu udah disunat, Mesh?! Wow! Semoga lekas 'sembuh' ya sayaaang.... :*

  5. @desy: iya des dianjurkan dokter karena infeksi berulang, kasian malah kalo gak sunat :)

  6. wah Yuara, really is a big boy...congrats ya Ibu & Yuara....semoga sehat2 aja..a.minnnn

  7. Congrats Yuara (and parents ;))!
    Get well soon :)



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