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Sunday, August 8, 2010

aussi bazaar.

yep, dreamesh living was there last friday at gran melia. so you see how hectic last week was to me (not to mention unfinished deadlines!). anyway, i've been told that it was crowded and my business cards were all out before the day ended - but unfortunately not the collection, though. will post about my ready stock tomorrow, just incase you're interested. but meanwhile, enjoy these photos first :)
this time, i shared a booth with bugsy delight and cocopop crafts. i've been a fan of their products for so long, so when they asked me to join in, i couldn't believe my luck! go see them for yourself.


  1. ya ampuuuuun,,,itu barang2nya lucu2 banget ya...

  2. hi Bun… numpang promo ya… Sis, kita distributor clodi Zigie Zag, gambar ada di album FB kita debocan kiddie. buatan Indonesia, harga murah tapi gak murahan,thanks bun...(^_^)Go Green



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