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Monday, November 29, 2010

WIC 2010.

just a couple days ago, nia of made in heaven asked me to join them at WIC 2010, JCC, on december 1st and 2nd. oh, please notice that i tell you this before the event actually occurs :D
i will be selling these. see, i may not be there all day long but i'll try my best (i'd like to shop too!). so, see you.


  1. masih mikir, gimana cara bawa tu sofa pulang ke dubai????? *nangisbombay*

  2. pantesan, diriku sm mbak evi ditinggal hikhik... :D ga marah asal bawa oleh2.. hihihiihi

  3. I'd like to buy kids sofa.
    Could you email me how to place order?
    Terima kasih



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