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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

yuara's wishlist.

this is the list of things that yuara would wish for... if he simply could talk, that is.
1. kids aviator hood from wovenplay, found via design is mine.
2. sew-a-snake kit from banquet atelier & workshop, found via little. lovely.
3. mask and tail set from oeuf, found via bkids - he'd like this set too!
4. my space structure from liya mairson, found via hello hanna.
5. where the wild things are globe from imaginenations, found via design*sponge.
6. mini knitted fox dolls from blabla, found via bleubird. or maybe, just maybe, these are all me? well you'll never know, at least not until he could speak and make up his mind.


  1. Judulnya bukannya mestinya Amesh's wishlist ya? hihihihi

  2. hihihihih rasanya lebih cocok mother and son's wish list... aduh itu globenya keren banget.. ilustrasinya where the wild things are ya? kereeeeeennnn..

  3. huaaa... pengen deh Blabla's knitted toy sama myspace structure nya...
    andai saya anak kecil berkartu kredit hehe



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