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Friday, November 12, 2010

big big grin.

have you read the november issue of martha stewart living indonesia? *cough cough* i translated three of their articles. now i know, you're thinking, 'so what? it's only just that.' but this sure has made me so very excited. i mean, MARTHA STEWART MAGAZINE! am such a fan :D
on another matter, i also contributed for nova. i shared my batik frame tutorial this time. equally exciting! please go have a looksie.


  1. YAY! aku udah yakin pasti dreamesh jd langganan masuk martha stewart..

    *big hugs*

  2. mmmmeziinngg!! (^-^) kamo amazing prameshwari!!

  3. Are you kidding? Where would we be without Martha Stewart? She's the QUEEN! Like Puri I also have a strong premonition that your stuffs are going to fit in the magz. big time! I haven't read an issue yet, hard time finding them here in my town.

  4. Congrats ya mb, I'm one of Martha Stewart's mag fan too (never want to miss 1 edition of it!)and have been seeing mbak Tarlen & Dreamesh featured in it :)

  5. if only di dubai jualan MS versi indonesia, i wud love to buy one!
    congrats! ngehiiitssssss terus yaaaa! cicuiiitt!

  6. ow thank you for having so much faith, sweet of you mmmmmmuahhhhhhh!

  7. whoa! eh tapiii saya perhatiken backgroundnya, *ehm* tegel *ehm*.. :))



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