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Saturday, February 12, 2011

last-minute love pencil tutorial.

eventhough i don't celebrate valentine's day, i still think it's nice to have a day when you can appreciate other people by showing how much you love them through handmade gifts. because we are all material people at heart, ha ha ha! uhm, please ignore my evil laugh. anyway, i stole lia's idea and made these for yuara's classmates (plus teachers) instead.

a reeeally simple way to love sharing. wet kisses to all of you, smooooches!


  1. aw aw manisnyah! :D
    happy valentine mbak Amesh and family! :D

  2. berabdai-andai jadi temen sekelasnya little yaura... aku mau yg pink yuaraaa... :)

  3. lucuuuuuuuu <3
    happy vdayyyy!! --> ky abg2 ituuhh :D

  4. mbak boleh tau dimana bisa beli pinsil yang bisa diukir personalized gitu ?
    thx much :) (



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