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Thursday, June 24, 2010

sewing lesson #2.

i've been taking sewing lesson at home. lesson #1 was all about getting to know my sewing machine and making patterns. two days ago, came lesson #2: showtime! i've been wanting to try sewing this crafter's apron for like, ever. so i used the pocket's pattern from martha stewart and modified a few things.
please don't take a closer look. the stitchings are still far from perfect. but i must say am pretty happy with the result. my teacher said it was a real nice work for someone's first attempt. i know she's just saying it, but who cares? :P


  1. waaaakkkk udah bisa jaiiittt...makin berbahaya mbak yg satu ini (^_^)

  2. nice, mesh! btw, kalau orangnya dipanggil ke kelapa gading mau ga ya? hehe. gue juga pengen belajar niii. mahal ga? ;p

  3. Wow Amesh! That apron is uber-cute. I'm so excited that you're sewing. Can't wait to see what you turn out.



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