yuara and his new cars.

just recently, i received a surprise package from puri of ideku handmade. this portable play pouch filled with fabric stuffed cars, patchwork garages, and felted scenery.
isn't she sweet and thoughtful? i really can't thank her enough. just look at that busy little kid of mine :)


  1. kerennyaaa.... puri emang the most creative & talented gal i've ever known ^^
    hadiah finger animal puppet dari tante Puwi buat anakku juga bagus & mendidik bgt loh

    selamat bermain ya Yuaraaa!!

  2. *blushing...
    muachhhh muachh buat mbak amesh, yuara, desy, & kalum :)

  3. waawww thats a very cool handmade project! :D


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