i went to brightspot market.

and i liked it. a lot. i visited booths of my longtime friend dana maulana of danjyo & hiyoji fashion line.
and also my dear friend ara nizar's sister, zinnia of amami cakes & cookies.
not to forget some random creative stand called heyday that sells stools made from cloth hangers.
it was such a good time. good quality time.
as i went home bringing additional members to our growing family.
shawls from cotton ink and spices rack from silla home (the owner turns out to be my distant cousin's girlfriend). all in all, our weekend was grrreat! how was yours?


  1. My weekend also great mba amesh :)
    Bright spot was one of my to-do-list, but I had to attend my cousin's wedding and celebrate my brother's birthday. Huhuhu,I want go there,do you know when that occasion held again?

  2. biasanya tiga bulan sekali :) see u at the next event ya!

  3. waa ... iya nih .. aku kelewatan event ini, seru ya padahal ... mudahan berikutnya gak kelewatan lagi .. heheee

  4. ok mba,see you on next event ya,insya allah I'll go there :)

  5. ruame yah mesh...pusing gua pas hari pertamanya kemaren


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