DIY: Felt Necklace

Here’s a little tutorial for the felt necklaces we made a long while back. I hosted a little workshop for the kids at Yuara’s school to give to their moms for Mother’s Day. It’s an easy project for the little hands, no need for too much fuss and can mean a lot for whoever they make it for. Why not try?

What you need:  Thick cord string in any color you choose (mine is this braided strips of shirts I found at the local market), felt sheets in different colors, craft glue.

How to make:
1.    Cut your string in the length you want. Some kids made extra long necklaces. Note: the longer the necklace the more space you get to decorate with.
2.    Start cutting out shapes you want to place on your necklace. It can be a circle, square, rectangle, etc. Note that the shapes will be folded in two when attached to the cord string. So a circle will look half circle, a square will look rectangle and a rectangle will be more like a square.
3.    Cut a pair for each shape you choose to place symmetrical on your necklace. Actually, it doesn’t have to be balanced. Just be creative and do as you wish!
4.    Now time to glue! Fold the pieces with the cord in the middle and glue the felt together. Keep on going till you get the shapes in its places.
5.    Last, tie a knot to the end of the cord and your necklace is ready to wear!



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